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Choosing and buying a new laptop/notebook


In mid 2016 my daily driver, an aging 2008 Macbook Pro died without any prior warning… I think deep down in my heart I knew that day was coming, it wasn’t the usual Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT GPU issue everyone else experienced. My machine simply become kaputt, no powerup bong, no display, no keyboard backlight, simply no life!!

Happy Chinese New Year!



Twitter header


To celebrate this years Chinese New Year I decided to make myself some social media banners..
Nothing too fancy. 2017 is the year of the Rooster, otherwise known as a ‘Cock’.

Shu Uemura is leaving the UK


Shu Uemura, the Japanese makeup brand based in Tokyo and owned by L’Oreal first landed in my local branch of Harvey Nichols soon after the Manchester’s reconstruction was completed. Over the years they have spread across the UK appearing as beauty counters in a few high profile chains, namely Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser, Selfridges, SpaceNK and Harrods, with a few boutiques dotted around the country though, predominantly in London, England.

I first discovered Shu Uemura purely by accident. I remember browsing in the brand new store for a skin friendly cleanser, I wanted a product which left my skin feeling healthy and soft without the drying flaking effect that some cleansers induced. Back then I knew nothing about the brand other than they’re used by several Japanese celebrities and they’re new to the UK.


The manager at my local counter suggested I should give try their products; I can’t remember the details of the conversation but she gave me a few 8 ml bottles of their High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil, showed me how I should use it, gave me some literature about other skincare products and I left happily. A few days later I returned to buy the full-sized retail product, spent a little time chatting with one of their makeup artists, explained what I wanted to do and asked how I can achieve this? She gave me loads of information, mentioned that having freckles were “pretty” and I shouldn’t feel the need to hide them. I eventually walked away with their Depsea Perfect Water-in Cake Foundation Compact and a few refills in my shade, a shade lighter and darker… That was my introduction into their makeup line.

Since the introduced to their skincare range, I never looked back. I absolutely adored them, with every uses it left my skin feeling clean, hydrated and soft feeling; it was so easy. That was it. I was glued! Over the following months, I gradually replaced all my skin care products with theirs; my skin’s condition kept on improving. I soon became one of their most loyal customers, often returning to trying other products, their makeup artists often recommend something new to me, usually leaving with more product samples to try, occasionally I’ll be giving additional full sized samples of my favorite products as a bonus to my purchases/restocking trips. Sometimes I’ll share new discoveries with my friends and family, giving them a few of my samples, enough for them to experience the excellence. Some I have managed to convert, others moaned about their price.. Me, I never complained, the cost was totally worth it. Over all I have been a loyal fan of the brand. Loving each seasonal collection released in collaboration with celebrated designer/makeup artist – Admittedly I don’t buy everything in a collection, only select few items.

Personally don’t buy all my products from a single location. Instead, I’ll buy their products from a wide variety of suppliers, all over the country, even overseas because product lines vary country to country, some products/shades aren’t sold here. I get to meet all the lovely people who believes in the products they’re selling, chat about stuff related to something I’ve discovered etc. It’s a wonderful experience. Over the years I have met lots of their staff and makeup artists, each of them have touched me in some way… Though I have yet to learn their art!!


Is this the end of an era?

For the last six to eight months Shu Uemura has been silently streamlining their brand visibility across London, various stores I once visited for my purchases have now closed and merged, not relocated like I initially thought. I first notice this when the Knightsbridge counter vanished from Harvey Nichols flagship store with minimum notice and I only found out about it cause I was restocking. During my transaction I was offered several full-sized products from their Stage Performer range and whatever samples they had left over… It felt like Christmas and they were encouraging me to buy more from them but no.. was it a silent ‘thank you’ for being loyal customer?

When I eventually made inquiries into what is happening? Many of the staff weren’t keen to discuss the details, others avoid the subject or simply replying “they didn’t know.” and that I needed to speak to their manager. Then I learn they’re closing in a few days/weeks — It’s almost seems like nobody really knows why or what’s going on with the brand. Most of the managers appears to be in the dark too, not even the managers other than some counters/stores they’re managing. I’m was originally wondering where they being relocated due to the lack of business? Re-branding? Later, I learnt from various reps I know and often deal with, Shu Uemura is set to close all it’s brand stores and counters throughout the UK before the end of the year! I have asked and currently nobody knows will they become a Selfridges exclusive, for now this remains a rumor. However what I do know is this, many customers who have been royal fan to the brand are angry and upset; myself included.

Quite often I check the Shu Uemura website for new releases but I’m discovering more and more of their stock showing “item out of stock” and have been for a while. I’m wondering will they ever replenish the stock?

Beauty counters that are going or already gone…

As Miss Wengie becomes the digital brand ambassador for L’Oreal’s Shu Uemura and their first boutiques opens in Sydney, Australia. L’Oreal UK is seemingly pulling their brand out of British market. These are the boutiques and beauty counters that I know are due close; there are others around the UK but I don’t have any dealing with them…

• Shu Uemura, Trafford Centre (Manchester)
— closed towards the end of 2015. Staff at the neighboring counters suggest they weren’t as busy as they intentionally thought. But who knows?

Shu Uemura, Harrods (London)
— are said to be closing towards the end of the year and they won’t be stocking the 2016 Murakami Holiday Collection.

Shu Uemura, Harvey Nichols (Knightsbridge)
— closed some eight months ago without any explanation, all their stock was apparently moved to Selfridges to Oxford Circus.

Shu Uemura, Selfridges (Oxford Circus)
— is apparently closing first quarter 2017. Meant to be stocking Murakami Holiday Collection (Nov 2016)

Shu Uemura, Harvey Nichols (Manchester)
— Initially they told me they’re closing on 15th November 2016. But then they changed it, their last day of trading was Sunday 13th November.

Shu Uemura, Liberty (London)
— Staff there still doesn’t know when they’re closing but apparently they’ll be having the Murakami Holiday Collection in this Christmas, however, when I called they didn’t know when it’s going to be in.
[updated: As off Sunday 15th January 2017 the Liberty’s Store has now closed – Thanks Maria]

Future looks bleak 

I speculate that there maybe a possibility that Shu Uemura will remain in the UK as online store mail-order store but I don’t think they’ll be giving any products samples with customer orders; though that’s remains to be seen. No one I’ve spoken to have said anything. I just know the brand is leaving the UK and their online store have little to no-stock available in it’s online inventory, that said, they could be really short of stock!

Umm.. NOPE. Then today, I noticed this.
Guess that means they’ve closed the official online store.

http://www.shuuemura.co.uk – closed

It’s sad.. but hey, I’ll keep using their products.
I’ll just have to import it from somewhere else! It’ll be the perfect excuse to travel more…

Seriously : FUCK the Heroes Parade!!



On the day I’m heading into town for an appointment, the local councils, officials and the annoying government decides it’s stupid TeamGB Heroes Parade should take pride in the city center cause major disruptions to everyone’s daily lives, barricading the city streets, diverting all forms of public transport and traffic away from the city center.

It’s really fudging frustrating!
I really hate it when other people screw with my schedule.

My bus that normally goes to Albert Square was diverted to Salford, avoiding the city altogether. Worst, incompetent Stagecoach transport staff did a really wank job of informing the public of their route changes. Leaving those of sitting upstairs in the dark! This made me run over thirty minutes late for my appointment and I hate running late!!

Why couldn’t the Manchester Evening News post a tweet on it’s page informing people there will be traffic disruptions throughout the city, that anyone wishing to get to the city center should allow for extra time? Bloody amateurs I tell you. For a government who likes to tell people how to run their lives, you’ve failed miserably. Sure doesn’t make me like this country any more!!


Wella : Going back Blonde


A while ago I decided I wanted to return to my blonde self. Unexpectedly I never thought that getting what I wanted would be so gawd damn difficult. None of the other professional salons within the city of Manchester was willing to take up this challenge, I’ve given all the brand salons their opportunity but they’ve all cowardly ran away with their tail between their legs. I guess they’re not quite ready to take on the Asian market or perhaps they’re too worried about getting sued by their clients for screwing up their hair with their inexperience? Yea I know which it is… I’ve heard all their lame excuses! Enough with the incompetence…. 😆

Due to stupid health and safety laws, the hair and beauty industry here in the UK have decided that they shouldn’t use strong peroxides on the scalp. Apparently this is better for the hair’s health. I personally disagree …but my opinion would probably not wash cause I’m not a qualified hairdresser but I do know my own hair better than anyone else!!

I have found a professional team that’s a cut above the rest, who are more than willing to take on the challenge and help me achieve the goals I want. Call this post an endorsement if you like.. I’m certainly happy with their work, though I believe this is just another excuse cause your all too fucking worried that someone will sue you, too bad. You’ve lost an potential client!! 😏


On Monday 17th October Judgement day has come. It’s technically a day of pampering! I’m supposedly going blonde but I’m aware it’s not going to happen in a single visit. I am however rather curious how I’d look later… or will all my hair wash away? lol jk. Even though I’m ever so slightly nervous, I do feeling calm and rather excited because I believe I’m in safe hands. I’m not expecting to a blonde at the end of the day, maybe it’ll be slight brassy? I don’t know.. I’m tapping this out as my hair is processing.

Luckily the ladies at Wella Studio were pretty accommodating with the disturbance. My session ended up starting around 2pm, expecting to be finished around 4:30~5pm. Didn’t actually finished till 5:30pm.

msnikita_0089cUnder the guidance of experienced Wella technicians, the advance colorists were asked thought probing questions throughout the day such as “How you’ll gonna tackle the clients hair?”, “What strength peroxide do you think, you should use?”, “What technique should will you be using?” then they awaited feedback before they’re allowed to commence. They were advised to will be bleaching my hair in several stages using a fairly weak cream peroxide and cream bleach. Their main objective was to lighten the hair as much as possible whilst creating an even lift. Primarily because not all of my hair is virgin hair, parts of my hair may consist of colorant residue which can affect the final result. At this point only the Wella technicians knew how my hair would lift, though the overall share was a little hit and miss.

msnikita_0088cand nobody really knows how it’ll lift. Starting the application at the ends with 6% cream peroxide and cream bleach,  then the mid-section and eventually the roots. Throughout the process they’re keeping the product moist with a steamer; five -ten minute sessions and the scalp steaming for twenty minutes.

At this point I’m really surprised by the amount it lift the peroxide is able to achieve.

The two ladies who were having me as their model are wonderful, both came across friendly, confident with seven years of experience. Steph tells me it’s not possible to have too much knowledge or experience. Watching them go about doing their jobs, both had their own techniques; apparently this is down to their former training. They certainly worked well together as a team. I’m feeling happy and confident sitting here pretty relaxed and blogging my experience.

Having a steamer over my head whilst it’s developing actually takes away the tingling. I feel really comfortable.. it’s almost like having my head steam washed.. 😂😂😂msnikita_0114

Wella Technical Staff : Daisy & Emma
Advanced Colour Students :  Kirsten (Stockport) & Steph (Runcorn)

Several days later, I am really annoyed with the way British hairdressers choose to lighten our hair. They say that using a weaker peroxide for several hours would do less damage to the hair than using a stronger peroxide for a short period.

My salon bleached my long hair in sections, starting at the end, then the mid-areas and finally the root… Now this mean the bleach stays on the end for three times as long as anywhere else. The resulting color is pretty good but it’s not what I wanted, the toners they used to remove it’s warm golden tones left my hair more silvery grey than light ash. Not to worry cause the toner will eventually fade. Guess that’s the good point.

The lightening process is not complete but I don’t think the ends of my hair will take another application cause the long bleaching process have stripped my hair, some of the ends have gone as beyond healthy. It’s become dry and brittle, almost gum like… I need a trim. That’s what it’s telling me.

There an second appointment next week, giving my hair the opportunity to rest a little. All I know is this is going to be done by a professional that’s ready for their ‘advance’ hair coloring.. Unfortunately due to the way Wella Studio works, my appointment was cancelled at the last moment as their students were unable to make the trip for the session. Not to fear! I understand in life you can’t get everything and whenever happens, one needs to learn to be creative. A followup appointment has been re-booked for the next of November but I might have to change that appointment from going blonder to root lightening… Well see.


Instead of waiting for the follow-up appointment, I decided to took matters into my own hands and attempt to lighten the hair further using of the shelf box colorants. I went with two packets of L’Oreal Préférence Infinia as these were the most suited for the current shade I’m currently at.

For the length of hair I have, I initially thought one packet was enough. Turned out i needed a little more. So instead of using the full product of the second, I measured out the contents with a small measuring jug and split them into two, thus allowing me to save half. After applying the product, allowing it to develop waiting for the 25 minutes it required, rinse and conditioned. My hair is much less yellow, o it’s slightly lighter. The final results are satisfactory. I’m happy.




Just so you know, I’m writing this in a fairly emotional state. It’s not very often I share something so deep with you guys, normally I like to keep my private thoughts to myself but occasionally I feel the urge to share. I’m not even sure is this a good idea… but hell. What’s the worst that can happen? For the last few hours I’ve been in tears with my hands on my head. I’m discovering I’m actually having some difficulties, here. I’m struggling with my concentration.. It’s easier to have random thoughts floating around my mind than actually thinking about doing one thing.

Tonight I’m like that goldfish — I put something down and I forgetting where I’m put them. I aim to do something, I forget what I wanted to do. I sometimes plan to go running – fitness is something I’m particularly keen on – then I realize I unable to find my keys. And now I’m blogging.. and I can’t focus on the job in hand. My mind is constantly wonders, ever so easily distracted. I can’t for the life of me focus or stay focused on anything. It’s truly annoying.

The sad part is, it’s actually much easier to let my fingers do the talking cause semi-touch typing is much easier than thinking about what I want to say and actually say it… I can pour out my inner feelings without thinking about it, however whenever I stop top think, I forget… It’s like my mind float away into the abyss and I can’t control it.

Yea. Sometimes I find it difficult to focus on anything. Other times I’m standing in the kitchen cooking and all the thoughts are coming to my mind, clear as day. I feel like I can do anything and write anything, it’ll make sense. However the moment I come to the computer, sit down to write, those thoughts have gone. It’s not right is it? Wish i know what’s going on.. I often wonder am I losing my mind? It scares the hell outta me.

Sorry for the rambling post.
Just how I’m feel sometimes, just not all the time.

Prop 60 : For Whose Safety?


Normally I don’t get involved in politics but on this occasion, I’ll make an exception. This one falls close to my heart even though this is something that’s happening half a world away. It’s still important to everyone on earth whom choosing to produce pornography, regardless of it being amateur or professional — You could potentially be at risk.

Many of the professional performers and pornstars that you adore, which keep you entertained, perhaps educate your children about how to make love, and possibly kept your marriage alive have said they would retire from the industry should this proposal passes. Below is a complete break down of proposal, it’s designed to kill off the adult pornographic industry as you know it.. Do you want less porn? Cause that will happen if this passes.

Support the VoteNoProp60 campaign and spread awareness.
Banners for social media are available for download here.

Let’s keep the government
out of our bedrooms. 

Credits:  The article below is written by Verta and posted on

How does Michael Weinstein’s measure proposal define “Safer Sex”?

With love (and eyes I’ve tried very hard to keep from getting permanently lodged pointing into my skull), I am going to take you on a play-by-play of the… problematic aspects of the ballot initiative submitted by Michael Weinstein. Some points, before we begin:
i. This is a very long criticism of garbage. It is all trash. Please stay with me. It is worth it. If you can’t stay with me, please skip ahead to Page Twelve; Section 8- or check out the condensed version.
ii. I’m quoting from the proposal draft with included amendments. Direct quotes will be noted in red italics. Just in case you think I am making any of this up. (It’s asinine enough that it will sound fabricated.)
iii. I will do my best to indicate what is harmful to performers as well as the general public. Don’t feel left out if you are not an adult  film worker. This isn’t all about us.
iv. I am a Swear Bear™. I am going to overburden my vocabulary trying not to use “foul language.” If I make it to the end of this without a single expletive, please congratulate me. Particularly if you read anything  yourself that makes you swear aloud.

I hope your safety bar is secure. Here we go.


______________[signature here]_________________
Michael Weinstein 
So what’s the problem
? Not technically a problem. I just want to be clear, going forward, who “Proponent” references. There are no other proponents on this initiative.
Proponent = Michael Weinstein.


This Act shall be known and may be cited as “The California Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act” (the “Act”).
So what’s the problem? So clever. What person with a heart will look at “Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry?” and say, “Nahhhh.”? That is quite a title. The Proponent is very familiar with how this game is played.


PAGE ONE; SECTION 2 (Findings and Declarations) 
(a) Widespread transmission of sexually transmitted infections associated with making adult films in California has been documented by one or more county departments of public health. All workers in the adult film industry deserve to go to work and not become ill. It is important that safer sex practices in the making of adult films, and in particular the use of condoms by performers, be required so as to limit the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections in the adult film industry. Not only is the risk of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections among adult film performers of immediate public concern, but so is the risk of transmitting HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections between adult film performers and the broader population. 
So what’s the problem? Where do I begin. I wrote this open letter to the Proponent asking why he felt the urge to scapegoat an entire community as disease-spreaders; it is reckless fear-mongering. I did a Google search of “adult film industry sexually transmitted infection transmission rates” and I found an awful lot of trash. It isn’t exactly easy for the average person to understand conflicting research conclusions. Due to human error, it is appropriate to keep in mind that the conditions of every study could be improved for better data and that something is always missing. I will not direct traffic toward LA Weekly, but I saw a headline in the search results claiming 1 in 4 performers has tested positive for gonorrhea or chlamydia. In the same search results, I found this article that states 1 in 4 teenagers contracts an STI every year and more than half of the population will test positive for an STI in their lifetime.
Conner Habib asked why you hate porn stars and- even if you think you’ve already asked yourself this question- you should read the article and really consider your reasoning. The only study I could find that definitively stated STI rates are higher for adult film performers than they are for the general public came from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. I’ll pause for the collective gasp. But it doesn’t matter; from the tone of the search results, it is pretty clear you all view our genitals as highly infectious weapons. There is no reason for it. Fear and reason are not the best of friends, however.

(b) The adult film industry places profits above worker safety and actively prevents and discourages the use of certain essential safer sex methods. Costs of vaccinations, testing, and medical monitoring relative to HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections are currently unfairly borne by adult film performers, while adult film producers avoid bearing these costs and responsibilities. This Act is necessary and appropriate to address these public concerns.
So what’s the problem? After the previous paragraph demonised us as sexual lepers, I guess I am meant to be personally touched by the tone of concern here. I can hit all of these points now and avoid having to present an argument every time the Proponent brings them up.
You could say, “The [enter field of work] industry places profits above worker safety…” about pretty much any line of employment and people would be inclined to believe you. If the basis for this argument is found in the latter half of that sentence, allow me to state on the record that I have never been actively prevented nor discouraged from using certainessential safer sex methods (the Proponent means condoms, guys).
I do bear the cost of testing and medical monitoring, but if I listed all of the things I have to pay for in order to work, you’d stop reading. Should producers also be responsible for paying for my clothes and makeup? Reimbursing me for transportation and lodging? It would be nice if these things were more affordable, but we aren’t demanding affordability for some reason.
In reality, if adult film producers were somehow forced to pay medical costs of performers, production would cease. I mean, I’m too tired not to point out that’s what this is about: pushing the adult film industry out of California. I do not understand how anyone who pays attention to the adult entertainment industry could possibly think there’s still so much money in it. I mean, it isn’t as though you pay for it.


PAGE ONE; SECTION 3 (Purposes and Intent)
(c) To authorize and require the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) and the California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board to take appropriate measures to enforce the Act.
So what’s the problem? There is a lot of language in the proposal that mirrors current OSHA regulations, which makes this all pretty unnecessary. Pay attention to any clause the Proponent adds to bypass current regulations, as well as prevent the workers themselves from participating in creating regulations.
Someone should tell the Proponent OSHA doesn’t need him to tell them how to do their job; I’m fairly certain they are already “authorised and required” to enforce their regulations.


PAGE TWO; SECTION 3 (Purposes and Intent)
(e) To hold liable all individuals and entities with a financial interest in the making or distribution of adult films who violate this Act.
So what’s the problem? This is meant to protect us, right? This clause is a knife in our spines. “All individuals with a financial interest in the making or distribution of adult films…”? That is all of us, as well as any tertiary distributors and providers. This clearly states if you are profiting from an adult film (performers are, ah, pretty heavily involved in the making of adult films) and are found to be in violation of this measure, you are open to punishment. (We’ll get there, don’t worry.)

(g) To discourage noncompliance and encourage compliance with the requirements of this act by requiring adult film producers to be licensed.
So what’s the problem? Are you a person who lives in California and runs a clip store with your significant other for a bit of added income? Well, the Proponent wants you to be licensed for that.

(h) To extend the time in which the State of California may pursue violators of this Act.
So what’s the problem? The current regulations state that a citation cannot be issued after six months of a violation. This is a reasonable amount of time to file a citation, as a worker. The extension of time is not meant to benefit workers, however. But we’re approaching that issue soon.
The Proponent has an almost desperate need to insist OSHA is just not doing a good enough job.

(i) To enable whistleblowers and private citizens to pursue violators of the Act where the State fails to do so.
So what’s the problem? Let’s stop right here. We’re going to need a moment. There are so many.
The Proponent wants to extend the amount of time you can “pursue” a “violator” as he gives the power to private citisens to do so.
There is not a single instance of an employee being pursued by private citisens for not adhering to OSHA regulations.
Why are we writing vigilantism into laws.
Why does the Proponent want to open the doors of harassment to people who are already trying to prevent those birds from flying into their windows?
Why is the Proponent so determined to override the authority of the State?

(k) To provide for the Act’s proper legal defense should it be adopted and thereafter challenged in court.
So what’s the problem? Is it customary to write into a measure that the State has to pay if that measure is challenged in court? Please advise.


PAGE TWO; SECTION 4 (The California Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act shall be codified by adding the following provisions to the California Labor Code)
Section 6720. Health and Employment Requirements: Adult Film Industry
(a) [current OSHA regulations] … (3) any other reasonable STI prevention engineering controls and work practice controls as required by regulations adopted by the Board through the Administrative Rulemaking process, so long as such engineering controls and work practice controls are reasonably germane to the purposes and intent of this Act. 
So what’s the problem? “Well, I guess OSHA can still add rules, as long as I agree with them.” -The Proponent.
CASEY CALVERT EDIT: OSHA is a federal institution, a CA law can’t trump it. The exemption to this rule is if we get Cal-OSHA to alter their guidelines – that would still then not apply under this section.


PAGE THREE; SECTION 4 (The California Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act shall be codified by adding the following provisions to the California Labor Code)
Section 6720. Health and Employment Requirements: Adult Film Industry
(cd) Adult film producers shall maintain as strictly confidential, as required by law, any adult film performers health information acquired by any means.
So what’s the problem? Whoooooa. Are producers seriously legally required to hold onto my medical records, regardless of how they obtain them? I thought I had to consent to my medical records being released to anyone. This is… um… concerning.
CASEY CALVERT EDIT: The reason why PASS solely has a checkmark vs actual medical info is because of HIPAA. An individual must consent to sharing medical records with an employer, even if the records pertain to employment. If they are required to obtain records beyond PASS, that’s a HIPAA violation. And HIPAA is federal, which means it trumps state law. 

 (f) Any adult performer entitled to bring an action under Labor Code section 6720(e) shall be entitled to bring such an action on behalf of all similarly situated adult film performers, subject to class certification by a court of competent jurisdiction.
So what’s the problem? I would love to discuss the issues I found with section 6720(e), but I’m not entirely certain I fully understand it. I believe it is clarifying worker compensation for performers. I am not well-read on worker’s comp in the adult film industry, so I will not address it.
THIS clause, however? C’MON. I honestly cannot imagine a piece of proposed legislation being more lawsuit-heavy than this one. Class-action lawsuits for worker’s comp in this industry? That begs chaos.
CASEY CALVERT EDIT:  …[T]his section stipulates that a single performer could start a class to sue under worker’s comp law. I do suggest that you link to/include the verbiage of section 6720(e):http://maplight.org/california/bill/2013-ab-332/1116442/total-contributions

(hi) This section shall not be construed to require condoms, barriers, or other personal protective equipment to be visible in the final product of a film. However, there shall be a rebuttable presumption that any adult film without visible condoms that is distributed for commercial purposes in the State of California by any means was produced in violation of this section.
So what’s the problem? People who don’t produce films (or understand how expensive the required equipment and software are) get really excited about the idea of using CGI to edit out condoms. Even if that were reasonably accessible to everyone who produces adult content in the state of California, this clause pretty much destroys that option. No loopholes! the Proponent cries. How dare we not adhere to the spirit of the law?!
And I am interested in the ramifications on adult film producers in Nevada. I’m interested in how the Proponent- how anyone- could believe this will turn into anything more than a circus.

(ij) Liability under this Act shall not apply to adult film performers, bona-fide employees, individuals providing independent contracting services, or production volunteers of an adult film producer who are acting within the scope of the general services being provided and in accordance with the instruction of the adult film producer, provided that such individuals have no interest in the adult film and are not adult film producers. Such individuals shall not be considered agents of the adult film producer for purposes of this Act.
So what’s the problem? This exemption does not apply to you if you shoot trade content. This exemption does not apply to you if you shoot customs. This exemption does not apply to you if you upload your own videos to any clips distributors. This exemption does not apply to you if you do anything that will provide longevity in your career.


PAGE FOUR; SECTION 4 (The California Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act shall be codified by adding the following provisions to the California Labor Code) 
Section 6720. Health and Employment Requirements: Adult Film Industry
I just want to note that the (j) clause was added as an amendment and reiterates clause (a) found in this section in stronger language.-

(k) In the event the amount of any monetary penalty set forth in this Act is found invalid by a court of law, the Division is empowered to and shall develop, and the Board is empowered to and shall adopt, monetary penalties via the Administrative Rulemaking process in a reasonable amount sufficient to deter noncompliance and encourage compliance with the requirements of the provision(s) in which the penalties are found to be invalid.
So what’s the problem? Read it this way: “If a court of law finds that a defendant does not owe a fine, the Division and Board have the right to circumvent that ruling and charge the defendant a sum of money we will write into the regulations.”
And “a reasonable amount sufficient to deter noncompliance and encourage compliance” after a court has ruled that a defendant is innocent sounds an awful lot like extortion.


PAGE FOUR; SECTION 4 (The California Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act shall be codified by adding the following provisions to the California Labor Code)
Section 6720.1. Notice and Disclosure
(b) Upon submitting the information required by this section, the adult film producer must pay a fee set by the Division or Board in an amount sufficient for data security, data storage, and other administrative expenses associated with receiving, processing, and maintaining all information submitted under this section. Until the Division or Board sets the fee, the fee shall be $100. The fees collected pursuant to this subsection shall not be used to cover the costs of enforcing the Act.
So what’s the problem? “We can’t afford processing this influx of information we’re demanding, so you’ll have to pay us for it.” Are we reaching the point where the Proponent defines who will be paying the cost of enforcement?

(dc) An adult film producer’s failure to timely or truthfully disclose to the Division the information required by this section, or to comply with the Labor Code section 6720.1(fd) training program requirement, and the Labor Code section 6720.1(ge) signage requirement, or the Labor Code section 6720.1(h) recordkeeping requirement shall be punishable by a penalty of no less than $15,000 and no more than $715,000 per violation as determined by the Division or a court of competent jurisdiction on a case by case basis via the administrative enforcement process or a civil action. Each repeat violation shall be punishable by a penalty of no less than $7,000 and no less than $15,000, as determined via the administrative enforcement process or civil action. The failure to provide any individual piece of information required by Labor Code 6720.1(a)(1)-(7) constitutes a separate violation.
So what’s the problem? I’m interested in what the training programme would entail. If I would be getting information about sexual health from either representatives of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation or adult film producers, I’d demand a refund.
The language around recordkeeping requirements states you must designate a custodian of records to keep these records for no less than 4 years. This includes people that work out of their homes. You’ll have to keep a lot of personal and medical information. Good luck if anyone breaks in.
Oh, and the lawsuits. Can’t forget about that! No, you really can’t read through this and forget about them.

(e) An adult film producer who knowingly makes any false statement, representation, or certification in complying with Labor Code section 6720.1(a)(1)-(7) shall be assessed a penalty of not more than $70,000 as determined via the administrative enforcement process or a civil action.
So what’s the problem? What is the legitimacy in the concerns of producers falsifying information about shoots? I mean, I thought Weinstein’s previous measure just resulted in a dramatic decrease in permit applications and an unfortunate increase in performers having to shoot in Las Vegas.


PAGE SIX; SECTION 4 (The California Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act shall be codified by adding the following provisions to the California Labor Code)
Section 6720.2. Adult Film Producers: License
(d) For any adult film producer that is not an individual, no License shall be valid effective unless all owners and managing agents of such adult film producer person obtain a license.
So what’s the problem? When I read this the first time, I thought, “Huh. Well, here I’d been naive and forgiving and assumed he just didn’t know how the adult industry functioned these days.” I gave the Proponent the benefit of the doubt, that he didn’t know how many performers this proposal put at risk.
He knows. He just doesn’t care.


PAGE SEVEN; SECTION 4 (The California Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act shall be codified by adding the following provisions to the California Labor Code)
Section 6720.2. Adult Film Producers: License
(k) Performing the functions of an adult film producer without a License shall result in a fine of up to $1050 per day for any adult film producer who has previously been found to have violated Labor Code section 6720(a). Any adult film producer who fails to register as an adult film producer within 10 days after qualifying as an adult film producer shall be liable for a fine of up to $250 for performing the functions of as an adult film producer without a License.
So what’s the problem? Just a reminder: if you are having penetrative sex with your significant other on webcam, and you do not adhere to regulations (you probably aren’t even aware of because you’re just having sex in your bedroom with a camera on)- if someone gives you a single penny for this, you can be fined up to $50. You can be fined up to $25 for having sex with your significant other without a license.
Let us all take a moment to shed a tear for our true loves, the amateurs. You can’t afford this bill.

PAGE SEVEN; SECTION 4 (The California Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act shall be codified by adding the following provisions to the California Labor Code)
Section 6720.3. Statute of Limitations
(a) Notwithstanding Labor Code 6317, in an action to prosecute any alleged violators of this Act or any adult film regulations now or hereafter adopted, the time for commencement of action shall be the later of the following: (1) one year after the date of violation; or (2) one year after the violation is discovered, or through the use of reasonable diligence, should have been discovered.
So what’s the problem? “No citation or notice shall be issued by the division for a given violation or violations after six months have elapsed since occurrence of the violation.” That’s what Labor Code 6317 states.
Notwithstanding is a funny word.


PAGE EIGHT; SECTION 4 (The California Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act shall be codified by adding the following provisions to the California Labor Code)
Section 6720.4. Liability and Penalties
(a) Notwithstanding any contrary provisions in Labor Code sections 6423 through 6436, every adult film producer, or any person in an agency relationship with an adult film producer and every officer, management official, or supervisor having direction, management, control, or custody of any employment, place of employment, or of any adult film performer, who does any of the following shall, in an administrative or civil action, be assessed a penalty as defined in subsection (b) of this section: 
 (1) Knowingly, nNegligently, or repeatedly violates any provision of Labor Code section 6720(a)-(c) or any adult film regulations; 
 (2) Knowingly or repeatedly violates any provision of Labor Code section 6720(a)-(c);
 (23) Fails or refuses to comply with, after notification and expiration of any abatement period, any provision of Labor Code section 6720(a)-(c); or
 (43) Aids and abets another to commit any of the acts in paragraphs (1), or (2), or (3) of subsection (a) of this section. 
(b) Any violation of Labor Code sections 6720.4(a)(1) or (a)(2) is punishable by penalty of not less than $10,000 nor more than $305,000; and any violation of Labor Code sections 6720.4(a)(23) or (a)(3) is punishable by a penalty of not less than $55,000 nor more than $1570,000; and any violation of Labor Code 6720.4(a)(4) is punishable by a penalty of not less than $1,000 nor more than $35,000. 
(c) Notwithstanding any contrary provisions in Labor Code sections 6423 through 6436, any adult film producer who willfully violates Labor Code section 6720(a), the violation of which causes death or permanent or prolonged bodily impairment, to the adult film performer, is punishable by a fine of not more than $100,000 via the administrative enforcement process or a civil action. If the adult film producer is a limited liability company or a corporation, the fine may not exceed $1,500,000.
So what’s the problemLabor Code sections 6423 through 6436 states fines and legal recourse to violations.
There goes that word again.


PAGE EIGHT; SECTION 4 (The California Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act shall be codified by adding the following provisions to the California Labor Code)
Section 6720.5. Agents of Control; Aiding and Abetting; Multiple Violations
(a) Every person who possesses, through purchase for commercial consideration, any rights in one or more adult films filmed in California in violation of Labor Code section 6720(a) and who knowingly or recklessly sends or causes to be sent, or brings or causes to be brought, into or within California, for sale or distribution, one or more adult films filmed in California in violation of Labor Code section 6720(a), with intent to distribute, or who offers to distributes, or does distribute, such film(s) for commercial purposes, shall be assessed a penalty of- the greater of: (1) not less than one-half times, but not more than one-and-one-half times, the total amount of commercial consideration exchanged for any rights in the adult film(s); or (2) not less than one-half times and not more than one-and-one-half times the total cost of producing the adult film(s), whichever is greater
(b) Any person found to have aided and abetted any other person or person(s) in violating Labor Code section 6720.5(a) shall be found liable for violating Labor Code section 6720.5(a). 
(c) Any person found liable of violating Labor Code section 6720.5(a) who has previously been found liable for violating Labor Code section 6720.5(a) shall be assessed a penalty of the greater of: (1) not less than two times, but not more than three times, the amount of commercial consideration exchanged for any rights in the adult film; or (2) not less than two times but not more than three times, the total cost of producing the adult film, whichever is greater
(d) Any person found liable of violating Labor Code section 6720.5(a) who has been found liable two or more times for violating Labor cCode section 6720.5(a) shall be assessed a penalty of the greater of: (1) not less than three times, but not more than four times, the amount of commercial consideration exchanged for any rights in the adult film; or (2) not less than three times but not more than four times, the total cost of producing the adult film, whichever is greater.
So what’s the problem? And the Proponent drops the façade. This is meant to drive the adult film industry out of the State of California. If you go after the distributors for aiding and abetting and they share liability, the distributors won’t take the risk. The fine per violation increases until it bankrupts the producer. No producers, no distributors; no industry.
And how does the consumer know where in the world a scene was shot? How are people who shoot outside of California protected from frivolous lawsuits?

(e) This Actsection shall not apply to legitimate medical, educational, and scientific activities, to telecommunication companies that transmit or carry adult films, and to criminal law enforcement and prosecuting agencies in the investigation and prosecution of criminal offenses, and to any film rated by the Motion Picture Association of America unless such film is an adult film.
So what’s the problem? The mask is off. The Proponent shows his face. Smirks. This isn’t about worker safety. This is a direct shot to the adult film industry.


PAGE NINE; SECTION 4 (The California Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act shall be codified by adding the following provisions to the California Labor Code)
Section 6720.6. Enforcement; Whistleblowers; Private Rights of Action
(a) Any person who violates any provision of this Act shall be liable via the administrative enforcement process, or via a civil action brought by the Division or its designee, a civil prosecutor, an adult film performer aggrieved by a violation of Labor Code 6720, or an individual residing in the State of California. Any adult film performer or individual, before filing a civil action pursuant to this subsection, must file with the Division a written request for the Division to pursue the alleged violator(s) via the administrative enforcement process or via by commencement ofing a civil action. The request shall include a statement of the grounds for believing that this Act has been violated. The Division shall respond to the individual in writing, indicating whether it intends to pursue an administrative or civil action, or take no action. If the Division, within 21 days of receiving the request, responds that it is going to pursue the alleged violator(s) via the administrative enforcement process or a civil action, and does so initiates enforcement proceedings or files a civil action within 45 days of receiving the request, no other action may be brought unless the Division’s action is abandoned or dismissed without prejudice. If the Division, within 21 days of receiving the request, responds in the negative, or fails to respond, the person requesting the action mayproceed to file a civil action. 
[*PAGE TEN(c) No civil action may be filed under this section with regard to any person for any violation of the Act after the Division has issued an order consistent with this Act or collected a penalty against that person for the same violation. Although this Act imposes no criminal liability, no civil action alleging a violation of this Act may be filed against a person pursuant to this section if a criminal prosecutor is maintaining a criminal action against that person regarding the same transaction or occurrence. Not more than one judgment on the merits with respect to any particular violation of the Act may be obtained under this section against any person. The court may dismiss a pending action, without prejudice to any other action, for failure of the plaintiff to proceed diligently or in good faith.
So what’s the problem? Meet Mike. Mike HATES porn stars. Mike knows an awful lot about porn for someone who finds it so distasteful. Mike learns he can sue a performer if he doesn’t see a condom in a porn clip. All he has to do is wait 21 days for a response from OSHA. If OSHA investigates it, great. He just has to wait 45 days to see if they take action on their own. If they don’t, Mike can file a lawsuit! Civil action. Anti-porn vigilante.
There are a lot of people like Mike. More than we want to admit.
And it bears reiterating: What happens when a citisen of California sues a producer outside of the State?
The interesting point this section brings up: for a producer, once a complaint is filed, there is no escape. OSHA must address it or the courts will be overburdened. If it goes to court, maybe you’ll win- but in Section 6720(k), the Board is urged to fine you some arbitrary sum, anyhow.


PAGE TEN; SECTION 4 (The California Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act shall be codified by adding the following provisions to the California Labor Code) 
Section 6720.6. Enforcement; Whistleblowers; Private Rights of Action
(d) If judgment is entered against one or more defendants in an action brought under this section, penalties recovered by the plaintiff shall be distributed as follows: 75 percent to the State of California and 25 percent to the plaintiff. The court mayshall award to a plaintiff or defendant other than a governmental agency who prevails in any action authorized by this Act and brought pursuant to this section the cost of litigation, including reasonable attorney’s fees. However, in order for a defendant to recover attorney’s fees from a plaintiff, the court must first find that the plaintiff’s pursuit of the litigation was frivolous or in bad faith.
So what’s the problem? Remember all that money the Proponent decided would be owed if a producer is found in violation of the Labor Code? If Mike wins his lawsuit, he gets 25%.
That’s what we call a monetary incentive.
And the burden of proof is on the defendant, because that’s how the Proponent thinks the justice system works, I guess.
Is THIS where the Proponent will find the money to enforce and defend this Act?


PAGE ELEVEN SECTION 4 (The California Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act shall be codified by adding the following provisions to the California Labor Code)
Section 6720.8. Definitions
(a) For purposes of California Labor Code (“Labor Code”) sections 6720 through 6720.8, the following definitions shall apply: 
 (1) “Adult film” means any recorded, streamed, or real-time broadcast of any film, video, multimedia, or other representation of sexual intercourse in which performers actually engage in vaginal or anal penetration by a penis. 
 (2) “Adult film performer” shall mean any individual whose penis penetrates a vagina or anus while being filmed, or whose vagina or anus is penetrated while being filmed. 
 (3) “Adult film producer” means any person that makes, produces, finances, or directs one or more adult films filmed in California and thatwho sells, offers to sell, or causes to be sold such adult film(s) in exchange for commercial consideration. 
 (4) “Adult film regulations” shall mean all regulations adopted by the Board in accordance with the rulemaking provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act that are reasonably germane to the purposes and intent of this Act. 
 (5) “Aided and abetted” or “aids and abets” means knowingly or recklessly giving substantial assistance to a Pperson. 
 (6) “Beginning of filming” means the point at which an adult film begins to be recorded, streamed, or real-time broadcast. 
 (7) “Board” means the California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board. 
 (8) “Commercial consideration” means anything of value, including but not limited to, real or digital currency, or contingent or vested rights in any current or future revenue. 
 (9) “Commercial purposes” means to sell, offer to sell, or cause to be sold, in exchange for commercial consideration. 
(10) “Distribute” or “distributed” means to transfer possession of in exchange for commercial consideration. 
 (11) “Division” means the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA). 
 (12) “Filmed”and “filming” means the recording, streaming, and real-time broadcast of any adult film. 
 (13) “License” means Adult Film Producer Health License. 
 (14) “Licensee” means any person holding a valid Adult Film Producer Health License. 
 (15) “Other potentially infectious material – sexually transmitted infections” (“OPIM-STI”) means bodily fluids and other substances that may contain and transmit sexually transmitted pathogens. 
 (16) “Person” means any individual, partnership, firm, association, corporation, limited liability company, or other legal entity. 
 (17) “Sexually transmitted infection” (“STI”) means any infection or disease spread by sexual intercourseconduct, including, but not limited to, HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, hepatitis, trichomoniasis, genital human papillomavirus infection, and genital herpes.
So what’s the problem? This is just for reference. Oh, and to give you the good news: it turns out girl/girl pornography is excluded from this measure. Interesting.
JIZ LEE EDIT: We cannot test for HPV because there is no test.


PAGE TWELVE; SECTION 6 (Conflicting Measures)
This Act is intended to be comprehensive. It is the intent of the People of the State of California that in the event this Act and one or more measures relating to the same subject shall appear on the same statewide ballot, the provisions of the other measure or measures shall be deemed to be in conflict with this Act. In the event that this Act receives a greater number of affirmative votes, the provisions of this Act shall prevail in their entirety, and all provisions of the other measure or measures shall be null and void.
So what’s the problem? Was the Proponent paranoid someone who has a more direct interest and personal stake might write a bill that eclipsed his? I guess that’s common when extremists write bill proposals.


PAGE TWELVE; SECTION 7. (Proponent Accountability)
The People of the State of California hereby declare that the proponents of this Act should be held civilly liable in the event this Act is struck down, after passage, in whole or in part, by a court of law for being constitutionally or statutorily impermissible. Such a constitutionally or statutorily impermissible initiative is a misuse of taxpayer funds and electoral resources and the Act’s proponents, as the drafters of the Act, must be held accountable for such an occurrence. In the event this Act, after passage, is struck down in a court of law, in whole or in part, as unconstitutional or statutorily invalid, and all avenues for appealing and overturning the court decision have been exhausted, the proponents shall pay a civil penalty of $10,000 to the General Fund of the State of California for failure to draft and sponsor a wholly constitutionally or statutorily permissible initiative law. No party or entity may waive this civil penalty.
So what’s the problem? This is fantastic. Accountability! Yes! You should be punished if you waste taxpayer funds and electoral resources. I mean, considering the sums of the fines in this proposal, $10,000 seems a bit low… but an accountability clause? That deserves a thumbs up!


PAGE TWELVE; SECTION 8. (Amendment and Repeal)
This Act may be amended to further its purposes by statute passed by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Legislature and signed by the Governor.
So what’s the problem? Repeal?


PAGE THIRTEEN; SECTION 9. (Severability)
If any provision of this Act, or part thereof, or the applicability of any provision or part to any person or circumstances, is for any reason held to be invalid or unconstitutional, the remaining provisions and parts shall not be affected, but shall remain in full force and effect, and to this end the provisions and parts of this Act are severable. The voters hereby declare that this Act, and each portion and part, would have been adopted irrespective of whether any one or more provisions or parts are found to be invalid or unconstitutional.
So what’s the problem? This sounds as though it overrides that section on accountability. The Proponent strongly feels the voters would have adopted this bill despite its flaws, unconstitutional and otherwise. So you can just take that stuff out and not bother holding him accountable.
CASEY CALVERT EDIT: This section says that the act can be found entirely unconstitutional/invalid, but can also be found unconstitutional/invalid piecemeal. Essentially, this is the way to ensure that litigation takes an eternity, costs us a fortune, and never fully declares the act unconstitutional. For example, the private citizens suing part could be declared unconstitutional (since it is) without invalidating the rest of the bill. 
This is what happened with Measure B. It was declared unconstitutional to the point of unenforceablity, but it’s still technically on the books because not every word could be declared unconstitutional.


PAGE THIRTEEN; SECTION 10. (Legal Defense)
The People of the State of California desire that the Act, if approved by the voters, and thereafter challenged in court, be defended by the State of California. The People of the State of California, by enacting this Act, hereby declare that the proponents of this Act hasve a direct and personal stake in defending this Act from constitutional or statutory challenges to the Act’s validity. In the event the Attorney General fails to defend this Act; or the Attorney General fails to appeal an adverse judgment against the constitutionality or statutory permissibly of this Act, in whole or in part, in any court of law, the Act’s proponent(s) shall be entitled to assert hisits direct and personal stake by defending the Act’s validity in any courtof law and shall be empowered by the citizens through this Act to act as an agents of the citizens of the State of California subject to the following conditions: (1) Tthe proponents shall not be considered an “at-will” employee of the State of California, but the Legislature shall have the authority to remove the proponent(s) from theirhis agency role by a majority vote of each house of the Legislature when “good cause” exists to do so, as that term is defined by California case law; (2) Tthe proponent(s) shall take the Oath of Office under California Constitution, Article XX, §3 as an employee of the State of California; (3) Tthe proponent(s)shall be subject to all fiduciary, ethical, and legal duties prescribed by law; and (4) Tthe proponent(s) shall be indemnified by the State of California for only reasonable expenses and other losses incurred by the proponent, as agent, in defending the validity of the challenged Act. The rate of indemnification shall be no more than the amount it would cost the State to perform the defense itself.
So what’s the problem? This isn’t a problem. It is a C A T A S T R O P H E.
This left me speechless, so I’ll need to go through it slowly.
Remember Prop 8?  Prop 8 banned gay marriage in the State of California. Prop 8 passed and began a legal nightmare. Once the State refused to appeal a decision that stated the proposition was unconstitutional, the proponents of the measure went bananas. They went to the Supreme Court and demanded they be able to defend the measure themselves. The Supreme Court granted them the authority to defend the measure. Direct and personal stake. They appealed and lost. They tried to appeal that loss in Federal Court and were denied. That played out over five years.
If the State of California is required by the language in the bill to defend the bill, the State of California cannot find the bill unconstitutional. The State cannot take itself to court.
And, to make sure that the State doesn’t side-eye him about this, the Proponent has written himself a new position in opposition to the Attorney General. And- on behalf of the citisens of the State of California, of course- the Proponent must take the Oath of Office, as an employee of the State of California, and can only be removed by a majority vote from the Legislature- and only under “good cause.” Oh, and the State has to reimburse the Proponent for defending his own bill- at most, what it would cost for the State to defend the bill.
Even if you somehow managed to find no real fault with any above section, this is MAD. This is an unparalleled, unprecedented power play. And it is dangerous. Please understand how wicked this is.
Let’s go through it again.
This section prevents the State of California from challenging the bill, if it becomes law. It also holds the State responsible for defending the bill against anyone who challenges it. The State will also be fully responsible for the cost of defending this bill. If the Attorney General does not protect this bill, the Proponent takes the Oath of Office and is stationed in opposition to the Attorney General. And the Legislature has to have good cause to remove him- with a majority vote.
And he’s voted in indirectly by the language in this bill.
This is horrendous.
CASEY CALVERT EDIT: Re: (1), the “at-will” bit – this section is an attempt to supercede CA state law. In CA, every hire is an at-will hire. This means that an employer can terminate a hire for any reason (or no reason).

PAGE THIRTEEN; SECTION 11. (Effective Date)
Except as otherwise provided herein, this Act shall become effective the day after its approval by the voters. 
So what’s the problem? If you vote yes, this is the total of what you will receive. If you’ve read through this entire analysis and you support this, please understand the precedent you will be setting. If this measure passes, there is no foreseeable way out.
This isn’t about adult performers. This is about the megalomania of the Proponent. We have a responsibility to protect each other from the atrocious manipulative behavior of the power-hungry. Stand up. Say no. Vote no.

Hair & beauty salons are meant to make us happy! However…


Blogging about life is not meant to annoy me, enrage my anger further or cause me to rant about the struggles I may encounter in life. In fact, it’s meant to be somewhat therapeutic, as I unload and share with you something I have discovered or learnt recently… However, right now I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle with various so-called professional hair salons in my city.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been to several salons, a couple of them seemed willful at first but in the end they could not give me the result I’m after! My goal was simple… I wish to return to being a blonde! Apparently it’s task too difficult for some, especially if they lack experience with dark virgin Asian hair!

A little background here…

Throughout my life, I have been living as a platinum blonde without experiencing any cause to concern in regards to my hair. Then for a while I stop lightening my hair not due to extensive damage but because I wanted a change… but I never remained a ‘natural’ anything for long. Usually I use a semi-permanent color to change states, this allowed me to keep on changing as and when my mood pleases. This was all fine till I dyed my hair with a box colorant… It’s been well over a year, possibly two since I last used such a product. I aimed is to grow out the permanent color and return to blonde but it’s much easier said than done. Currently my hair is ready for lifting, pretty much all the blue/black colorant has either faded, washed or cut out!!



On Friday, 19th August I attended a consultation with they lovely Fiona at Trevor Sorbie, Manchester.

Fiona and I had previously discuss a few things on an informal call but meeting allowed her the opportunity to examine my hair, then give me her professional opinion on what could be achieved. More importantly, what exactly I liked to have done. She also suggested what might be possible as an alternative solutions. She asked have I thought about having highlights done instead of a full head of bleach? I said no…

When asked what products their company used, I’m informed they used L’oreal products. Now I personally don’t have any experience with their product range. She went on to briefly told me that their company is currently offering Olaplex treatment for protection with color treatments for free! Then, I’m told she’s only willing to use 30% peroxide on the ends, not on the scalp and even then she’s not happy to do more than one application in a single visit.

Her suggestion was to do multiple sessions of lifting, leaving the hair to rest for a month before re-applying. Basically, this maintained the optimum hair quality but it won’t be leaving the salon as a blonde in any one visit!

Before any prices could be quoted, she wanted to a sample of my hair for a strand test.
In addition, I had a skin test done too…

I when asked to briefly what is the cost per application? I’m told it’ll be £120 per application, plus the cost of a toner and a cut. — Initially the price is a touch costly but if they could have reached the high goals I wanted, I would have happily paid…

However, on the 23rd, these were the results I’m shown. Not exactly impressive. Sorry.


Fiona informed me she had used two applications of the developer plus a toner to achieve this warm brassy tone. Which is nowhere near to the tone I had in mind or expected. Even though the hair felt great, I’m not overtly happy with the color. However I’m not entirely sure was this test done with or without Olaplex™ added to the developer.

I just know, if Olaplex™ was indeed added to the 30 vol mix then this would effective be processed with the power of 20 vol bleaching. Not the full strength 9% which would have taken it to a warm blonde and after two applications, it would have been closer to a golden blonde.




On Saturday 20th August 2016 I met with Karis, she’s a truly knowledgeable technician, knowing her salon’s products inside out! Upon my arrival she basically sat me down in the corner and immediately explained that their L’oreal products their company used weren’t able to give the lift required to achieve a platinum blonde.

She went on to explain the sort of damage my hair would encounter if they even tried… When asked, again, this salon also said they aren’t prepared to use more than one application of bleaching in one visit — Not the answer I’m looking for! 😐

Even so, they didn’t waste my time with taking a hair sample for a strand test. Instead, I was greeted with someone who knows their products inside out and went straight to the point!!


and the final salon I tried

Razor’s Edge
Royal Exchange, Manchester.

Now I had some history with this salon, years ago.

In previous visitations, they were willing to lighten my hair to a blonde but only after signing a waiver. However, on this occasion, the store manager mentioned they are not allowed to do this procedure anymore and they’re not willing to offer ‘customer waivers’ primarily because “they’re are not worth the paper they’re written on!”

I then asked to speak with Tony, their director.

Their staff have pretty much fobbed me off by saying he’s in a meeting all day.. and I should leave my contact details with them. Strangely I phoned up a couple of days later and they were still telling me the same ole story. Tony is in a meeting.

How many bloody meetings can a small independent chain have?
— Currently I’m still awaiting to hear back from them. So far nothing!

Great customer service guys!!
*sarcasm* 🙄 


All this makes me wonder…. Why don’t you guys get off your high horse to be the creative professional that other hairdressers dream about? Aren’t you meant to be in business to make money and serve the clients needs? Instead, your pushing away potential clients, lectured them about what you can or can’t do… Then telling us all the reasons why you can’t offer us your services… It’s like you don’t really want to serve the people.

I know from experience, that being a blonde requires regular maintenance, toners to lessen the golden/yellowish tint; special toning shampoos to keep the hair’s color in check etc. However, this isn’t the current problem. It’s finding a salon or a “professional” that’s up to the job. And so far, it seems most aren’t. At least not here in Manchester. Meanwhile, another salon is telling me they don’t have the product to lift dark hair… WTF?

During all of this, one or more of the salons I’ve visited informed me about Julia knows beauty could be a source of bleeches and developers, should I wish to go the route of self lifting… Personally, I prefer to use Goldwell or Wella Professional products. As far as I know, none of the suppliers in Manchester sells those brands to the unlicensed public.

At the end of the day, you have two choices. Either you use your expertise to give the client what they want or I’ll bleach it myself. That is the end all, be all of it really.

I have since given up looking for yet another salon. Instead, I have signed up with Wella Studio to be a color model in a few weeks. From my understanding, they teach so-called professional hair dressers more advanced skills. Maybe now I’m able to get something closer to what I’m looking for?

Then there’s always the possibility of me applying another application.
I have the tools, the kills and product to achieve this…

I’m just too lazy! 🙄



Creepy Night


I suppose you could call me a fitness fanatic, though I’m not a preacher nor am I an addict. Over the years, I’ve learnt to take care of my body and health, without them I wouldn’t be me. Several times a week, I’ll goto the gym for some form of workout, occasionally I’ll get invited to trying something new such as ‘pole dancing’ or ‘yoga’ both of which I’m crap! 😆 Never have I thought about doing pole-dancing for fitness, turns out it takes a lot more upper-body strength than I currently have.

OMG. I’m Uber Horny!


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I don’t know where to start with this. lol

Joyetech’s Cuboid Mini Review & Disassembly


So it’s been over a year since my last hardware disassembly and I know you guys are thirsty for more! So here it is… Introducing Joyetech’s firmware upgrade-able Cuboid Mini (Kit), the little sister to the original, now about to be stripped naked from it’s shiny new dress. Fully disassembled for your viewing pleasure but first, here are the specs:

Cuboid Mini with Notch Coil Features:

  • Full kit
  • 80W power output
  • TC temp control
  • Notch Coils
  • 510 threading
  • Micro-USB charging port
    (USB charging/data cable included)
  • Matching rounded square tank with glass window

Joyetech Cuboid Mini Kit Specification:

  • eLiquid Capacity: 5ml
  • Output Mode: VT-Ti/VT-SS316/VW/BYPASS/TCR MODE
  • Output Wattage: 1-80W
  • Resistance Range: 0.05-1.5ohm for VT Mode ; 0.1-3.5ohm for VW/BYPASS Mode
  • Temperature Range: 100-315°C (200-600°F)

I literally purchased this mode less than three days ago. I’m using the 0,5 SS coil, which I believe is stainless steel. Several hours in, I’m still on the first charge which is great and the battery has barely moved. The clouds I’m able to produce from this unit is surprisingly vast!! Taste wise, it’s fuckin awesome! Now, I like fruit juices and in previous mods the sweetness was never really defined, I was always complaining there’s not enough sweetness. However on the cuboid, it’s become really sweet.. A tad too sweet. 😆 Sometimes I feel I need bigger lungs at times. 😆

Unfortunately in the UK the kit version, that I own, isn’t widely available. Since the 20 May 2016 ‘vaping crackdown’, the EU, has introduced new laws which affects the tanks size! Anything over 2ml is not allowed FFS — I’m not entirely sure why they’ve done this as heavy users will simply carry a bottle around with them, making the 2ml limitation useless. Oh well.. Their lost! – This may well be another reasons we’ve chosen to Brexit. Fuck those European bureaucrats 🙄

Well, I’m already itching to peak inside to see how it shapes up, wonder how this compares to the explosive eleaf? 🙄 For this you’ll need a Torx T4 screwdriver and something strong and thin. I’m using a metal ruler.


To break into the mod, you’ll need to remove the metalic “cuboid mini” label from the back. Now I used a scalpel to ease it off. Try not to bending it cause it’s very thin metal and will distort if you’re not careful — Since we want to retain the adhesive, I’d recommend placing this on some wax paper; you don’t wanna get dirt on the sticky back if you are to restore it later! Though the unit doesn’t look half bad without it.. and I question how long the label will actually stay put? Behind the branding lays two Torx-T4 screws, remove those and the two on top.


So, when your pulling the top off, be careful, there’s two very short and very stiff wires connected to the 510 mount. Once you’ve pulled the top off, you need to remove the very flimsy black acrylic front, in-order to move the buttons. This held down by industrial strength double sided tape. Take your time and don’t rush — Use your nails or a guitar pick to help if required.

On a YouTube video I’ve seen, the innards appear to slide out without any additional help. On mine, that wasn’t the case. The battery was clearly held in place with tiny smear of silicon gel. I used a very thin metal ruler to help easy the battery out. Just gentility wiggling the PCB and carefully slide it between the back of the case and the battery’s heat-shrink. Then apply a little force on the front buttons. Don’t try to press on the OLED display, you’ll most likely crack it and I doubt you’ll be able to find spares, with a little luck the entire unit should slide out.

Inside you see the pretty compact unit that appears to be well constructed. They’ve added a small heatsink to, what looks like the charging circuit or voltage regulators.

The display itself is mounted to the main PCB with a simple bit of sticky foam. Now you’d might think this display could potentially be destroyed if the unit was dropped, I don’t know… It seems Joyetech has designed the case with guide rails to keep the module in place, which should, in theory prevent the display from destroying itself should you accidentally drop the mod — We’ll see…

Tucked behind the display appears to be an unmarked controller, at least on mine it appears so. I’m glad they’ve done away with the mini-switch. In this unit the trigger in this unit appears to be full-sized two prong micro-switch, similar to those micro-switches you find on cheap computer mice, only the prongs are at right angles. It’s supported by the top section to prevent it from moving too much, which should help prevent the switch from detaching from the PCB when used heavily.

Stuck to the back of the PCB is the custom made-to-order Li-Ion pack with the model JS 583155, rated at 9.25wh. I did try a google search to find a similar replacement should this battery eventually dies, turns out there’s nothing actually listed for 583155. Those rated at 9.25Wh were only 3.7v with a 4.7v peak were totally the wrong dimensions.


It’s been about two days now and my unit has finally become flat. Recharging the Cuboid is a matter of plugging it in and leaving it to charge. I personally don’t use my computer for this, instead I’ll use the 2A charger from my old Samsung mobile.

However on my unit, the whole device appears to get rather warm. Switching it off then tapping the trigger 10 times reveals the temperature is 46ºC (114.8ºF). Now, I don’t know is this a problem or it’s normal.. but I shell definitely not recommend leaving it on charge over night. Just for safety as non of my other lithium powered devices become this warm!

Firmware upgrades


Upgrading the firmware was a piece of piss.  Simply download the archive from Joyetech, select either the Mac or Windows version, depending on your platform. Unpack it to your desktop and run the execute. Then plug-in the unit and wait for your system to finish installing drivers. Once ready, the application will ask you to locate the binary, then it’s a matter of pressing Update. Wait a few seconds and unplug. If you should encounter problems, Joyetech recommends you to unplug the unit, grab a pin and hit the reset button under the unit. This should in theory reset the unit, allowing you to re-flash the firmware.


To switch the unit on/off, you tap the trigger 5 times.

Whilst ON
To change modes, you tap the trigger 3 times.
Then pressing the left button will allows you to select the different elements. To make changes to them, you hit the right button.

Pressing and hold the trigger whilst holding the right side of the button will allow you to enter it’s menu. Here you can enable/disable the logo. If you hit the right button again, you can find a little game.. Just don’t ask me how to play.. lol

Pressing and hold the trigger and holding the left side of the button for a few seconds will enable “stealth” mode. This is essentially allows you to turn off the display and potentially save power.

Pressing and holding both left and right buttons allows you to lock the unit. This will prevent you from accidentally changing the settings and power.

Whilst OFF
To check the temperature, Tap the trigger 10 times.

And as usual, if you have any questions. Please don’t be afraid to ask…

Kinky Swimsuit Discovery…


Repost from Experience Project.
Originally posted: July 19, 2009 03:22 by MsNikita , 5 votes

I was a fairly skinny male from the northern part of England, UK.

I’m not sure when it all started but it’s been a secret that I’ve been hiding for many many years, even those closest to me still have no idea! My first girlfriend, she knew and thought it was completely fine but I can’t help thinking in the back of my mind is there something wrong with me.. cause I feel a little ashamed to admit it.

UK Independence


Well.. I just thought I’d write about how I feel. Because there’s been a whole load of weight on my shoulders, over the last couple of weeks. In my mind, I initially wanted to vote to ‘remain’ and slowly I wanted to vote “leave” but ultimately I could not simply choose. It’s a very difficult decision. As the hours ticked away.. I decided to let others choose and later, I’ll choose whether or not I should remain in Britain.



Good-bye 4Minute 포미닛.  Today I learn’t they disbanded 🙁

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Where do I start? Once upon a time I used to think, I wouldn’t become emotional because I’m on a steady supply of hormones, the same amount every single day.

Progynova 4mg Estradiol Valerate (estrogen), daily.
And no, I don’t take any T blockers… My testosterone levels are so low they’re not measurable, often counted as one or zero on blood-tests.

But now I’ve been on them for a few years later, I’m learning that my initial thoughts were wrong, incorrect. I am emotional. I am very emotional; my moods change constantly.

Setting up a remote Teamspeak 3 Server on CentOS/RHEL


Those of you whom game online, who enjoy playing in groups or teams will know how useful VOIP is. For me, our original setup goes something like this — Whoever had the faster, more capable system run the Battlecom or Teamspeak application server but this meant your players need to be local too otherwise there’d be so much lag, it can make game play unbearable. 🙄

For a while, I have always wanted my own public accessible VOIP communication platform for my own co-op gaming needs, they’re usually useful in guilds too. A place where we can chill, speak freely without worrying about someone listening in.

However searching around online you can easily rent Teamspeak servers with X number of slots, however they normally charge by the month, some companies want you to subscribe for a twelve month term. Also, should one day you need more slots, you’ll need to rent the next tier up, all of this adds additional costs to your monthly out goings but obtaining the software from Teamspeak is completely free, so why pay someone to host for you?

I figured.. Why are we running one as an application when it’s possible to host one on a web-server?

There are certain advantages of hosting your own server, most of them are privacy concerns and the ability to delegating rights to whom is able to use the facility. You don’t want to be swamped by loads of random folks, taking up all the slots, do you? So a few months back I went about learning to setup my very own TS3 server, making it publicly accessible so guildies and team-mates can find us. Here’s the steps I took to setup my own basic server.

In-order to accomplish this, assuming your running Windows (who games on a Mac anyway?) You’ll need to download and use PuTTY as a SHH/Telnet client and the server root logins. Download which ever version you’d prefer, personally I just used the regular x86 version. It’s not an installer, just runs “as administrator.”

To avoid typing in the root password blind, I suggest you create a shortcut to the application and edit the properties. Replace the paths accordingly.
"C:\Users\˜username\Downloads\putty.exe" -ssh [email protected] -pw rootpasswordhere

Firstly, you need to create a separate account for the application to live on, this effective prevents accidental deletion. To create a new user account, do this:
useradd: ts3srv
passwd: NewAccountPassword

To install Teamspeak server, download the appropriate version that suits your OS, your options are 32bit or 64bit. Our server is running 64bit code. If your not sure which to run, then it’s safer to go with their 32bit version.

Now you need to install the appropriate software for your
cd /home/ts3srv/
wget http://teamspeak.gameserver.gamed.de/ts3/releases/
tar xvfz teamspeak3-server_linux-x86-

Time to change to the installed directory and start the server
cd /home/ts3srv/teamspeak3-server_linux-x86
./ts3server_startscript.sh start
32-Bit installation process.
cd /home/ts3srv/
wget http://teamspeak.gameserver.gamed.de/ts3/releases/
tar xvfz teamspeak3-server_linux-amd64-

Time to change to the installed directory and start the server
cd /home/ts3srv/teamspeak3-server_linux-amd64
./ts3server_startscript.sh start
This will download, extract, install, and run teamspeak 3 server version

Once your server starts up you will see it output something like this. Be sure to write your Server Query Admin Account down as it will not be shown again. An easy way to copy it would be to select it all and copy it to a text file.

                      I M P O R T A N T
              Server Query Admin Acccount created
         loginname= "serveradmin", password= "ke1C0M3n"

                      I M P O R T A N T
      ServerAdmin privilege key created, please use it to gain
      serveradmin rights for your virtualserver. please
      also check the doc/privilegekey_guide.txt for details.




If you want to have teamspeak start-up automatically after a server restart you should add a cron job. To add the cron job run the following commands. Also make sure you’re logged into the “ts3srv” account and not root!
crontab -e
If you haven’t used VI editor before this might be a bit tricky.
Press the "I" key.

This will allow you to add text into the cronjob file. In the bottom left corner it should say (– INSERT –)

When it says that write this in window.


@reboot /home/ts3srv/teamspeak3-server_linux-x86/ts3server_startscript.sh start


@reboot /home/ts3srv/teamspeak3-server_linux-amd64/ts3server_startscript.sh start

You can apply for a non-profit license (NPL) that will give you rights to setup two servers, each with 512 slots. You’ll need to give them your personal details (name, address, phone number & domain) in-order to obtain this license. The NPL takes around 24-48 hours to process. But, be warned. You can not sell/rent the server(s) to other people for profit and you can not have donation buttons on the domain either! Even if it’s to help maintain the hosting. It’s not allowed.

This version of the installer doesn’t require a separate database. All your settings are stored as configs files within the application folder. I feel it’s cleaner, easier to uninstall at a later date.. Just delete the user and your done. There is an alternative install methods which require a dedicated MySQL database.

Amazon UK’s New Policy


Sad day for all you bargain hunters.
As of May 1st 2016, Amazon UK no longer offers price drop refunds.

Our prices may increase or decrease based on a number of factors and unfortunately, we can’t offer you a refund for the difference between the price in your order and the lower price you saw on our website.  ~Amazon customer representative. 

You can however re-purchased the item’s since dropped in price and return the old, assuming you’ve not used them. I know, this seems rather long winded and futile. Their prime customers have free returns on various goods, including clothing and footwear – I suggest you fill in their returns form highlighting the fact your are making a return due to a recent price drop.

High street stores still allows returns provided you have your receipt – Me, I keep all mine in a shoe box for annual auditing… Yea, I spend way too much money on stuff.. lol

Whut teh fookler


Just a quickie then. Back at the start of the year someone pointed out that they bizarrely found myself enlisted on fookler.com — Thought I’d share this with the rest of yous… lol

I’ll be honest. I’ve given up asking how I get listed anywhere those days… I just take it in my strides and laugh whenever it happens.

Keep off the train tracks!! 


My day out in London was pretty great! 

However, my late train returning to Machester was severely delayed due to some incident involving a car driver on the tracks. 

Apparently earlier today, some idiot driver in Tamsworth, decided they didn’t want to sit in traffic. He, instead decided to parked his car somewhere safe and preceded to walk home via the railway tracks…. Somewhere in the process the guy was struck down by a high speed train. Fortunately for him, Tamsworth has a speed limit, all trains passing through can only travel at 30mph. The man was taken away by ambulance and  apparently survived but he’s going to be prosecuted for trespassing. 

Honestly.. Where are people’s brains those days? 

Cancelled again!!


[Update] Today, I was meant to be having my final advance voice coaching session however this session was suddenly cancelled. As was my previous sessions…

Previously I heard our beloved voice coach Matthew Mills at the London Charring Cross GIC had suffered a stroke earlier in the year, subsequently had to cancelled everyone’s sessions due to illness. In recent weeks we spoke briefly; he sounded healthy and well, and he’s finally back at work! I did express that he should take it easy and avoid stresses cause life is very precious! 

However yesterday I was informed that he (Matthew) won’t be in today (Thursday 14 April) and our session will be postponed once again — Currently information is a little vague, I’m not entirely sure are those instances related.. I do, sincerely hope he’s doing well and he’s only away on business rather than a relapse. 

Love, MsNikita

Life’s Learning


Sorry folks, I’ve been away for a fair few weeks, possibly months. I’ve been going through a rough time with my mental health. Suffering from wintry blues/depression and sleep insomnia, it’s really been getting the better of me. Sadly. For a while I lost interests in everyday things.

I’m feeling somewhat better now. I’m back in the gym. I don’t feel I’m having depression anymore but I discovered I have something else, a little issues regarding concentration. I’ll write more about this in another post.

Let me see now…

Recently I’ve been chatting with my girlie-friends about various aspects of life; or my life, as I move from one status to another. Well, technically I’m still on the verge of learning.. Seems for some, the desires of someone wanting to transition is an interesting topic for everyone else, even those people I spend time with at the gym. Personally I’m really open. I don’t mind discussing my feelings to random people who find this interesting. In my trying to learn more about me and what might be expected from me – If that makes sense.

I feel there are a million and one things I need to get a grips with, I’m trying to cram in all my learning, experiments and what not. A little at a time, a little everyday. There are soo many things to learn, you ladies all take for granted. There’s converting dress sizes, shoe sizes, bras, stockings, tights… Only one I know is gloves cause men’s small are fucking huge on me!! Also between all the brands I like and love. I’m learning none of the stated clothes sizes are actual ‘standards’, medium on one brand is completely different from another… Shoe sizes baffle me, I work in euro sizes but the UK doesn’t but some boots use the US format… and they’re all different — This really explains why my sister spends soo much time shopping!!

I’m also learning being trans has it’s pitfall and it’s not all about being passable. I have always been rather effeminate, though I don’t think I’ve ever passed as a lad. I just don’t fit that typical masculinity scenario. I’m also learning there’s lots of heterosexual guys out who seem to love transwomen – I don’t understand this.. What is it about us, you love?? I’m really curious. I asked a friend about this a few times and they weren’t able to pin-point any particular reasons.


Experience Project


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Sadly, the popular header-logoexperience project is no more. They’ve have announced that they are closing their site for registrations and new posts but existing public content will still be available to view – However, all my explicit content was for members only.

Amazon market trader tries to bribes me to increase score!!

8 x LP-E6 Lithium-ion packs for Canon DSLR

Why does a Chinese company dealing business in the UK via ‪#‎AmazonMarketplace‬, still believe it’s acceptable to bribe its customers??

Once upon a time, my father used to tell me how corrupt Chinese people are, especially those from the mainland and that us HongKongers should not fall to their level. Decades later, mainland china has opened up and become the world’s factory on cheapo cloned electronic goods. Most of those goods you see selling on the likes of eBay and more recently Amazon don’t necessary meet strict safety regulations of the said country they are dealing business in, certainly not officially licensed goods from the companies who manufactured the original — In this case Canon, Inc.

Several weeks prior to Christmas and after crawling through lots of customer reviews and youtube videos regarding those aftermarket batteries. I ordered some aftermarket LP-E6 batteries from a company which had lot of positive reviews. However, my order NEVER arrived. I emailed the company several times and received NO RESPONSE. So I went ahead with a honest feedback about my experiences and made an A-Z claim with Amazon, received a full-refund after waiting 8 days.

Amazon A-Z Claim
Amazon A-Z Claim

And that was that. So I thought.

A few days later the company started emailing me, saying they would send me replacement batteries as my original order never arrived. I said, “sure.. If you like…” Sure enough, two days later I get double my initial order. Now they’re emailing me constantly, practically begging that I remove my initial feedback — Who do they think I am?


In the UK, emailing a customer every few days is considered customer harassment.
The company trades as “TOP-MAX”, often sold by “com2save ltd”


VAT registrations searches in the UK are available to anyone who questions the legalities about a company. After searching their VAT registration number (GB153653215). I discover the owner of the said company but google seems to tell me they’re trading in the UK via various names, all using the same exact VAT number — Is this even legal?

According to the European Commission, that number is registered to, which is NOT the same trading address as listed on Amazon


Sorry, I’m not going to remove my original feedback. I don’t do bribes. If anything I’ll be more than happy to add to it with information on what followed.

I believe customer feedback is meant to be an honest opinion, informing other customers about your first hand experience with a company. Just because they’ve corrected their error, it doesn’t mean their business practices are by any means perfect!! 

Besides, I have better, more constructive things to do with my life than amend something I posted that was true at the time I wrote it. What you folks don’t know is this… It took them around 4 weeks to sort this shit out. Four weeks!

You want perfection? Don’t fuck up.

Back to photography



Make Royalty Apps LESS Useless


Dear Supermarkets.

This is an open letter to all those companies out there who produce store cards, royalty cards and phone apps. 

As far as I can remember, we all live in the digital age. Our cellular phones have become supercomputers of the yester-years, capable of displaying high resolution imagery, able to reproduce the human skin and face in millions of colours/tones with near pin-point accuracy. They’re much smarter than the cheapo Nokia phones you used to buy in the 1990’s.

They are no longer devices dedicated to communication but we’re able to enjoy a vast array of different forms of entertainment, from playing local audio files, enjoying downloadable games, to streaming images, motion videos and watching live broadcasts — I’m sure they’re called “smartphones” for a reason.

Yet, with all this technology at our disposal. We still have bloody magnetic store-cards and bar-coded royalty cards in our wallets weighing us down! Or bulky key-ring cards which break.

What’s worst. Those same stores have apps you can download that allow you to check the value of your points collection, access our social-media to share their latest offers. But for some instantly stupid reason, those apps still can not replace those plastic bar-coded royalty cards we all lug around in our handbags…

Here’s an idea…
How hard is it to include a feature in your downloadable apps, allowing it to produce a displayable bar-code or QR-code, that any shop/store tills can read/scan? I know this is possible cause we’re able to buy digital train tickets and entry tickets to some larger venues.

So why is it your apps not doing this again? I know it’s not security issues. As most modern smartphones have bio-metric protection… and besides. It’s so much more easier to lose those pesky cards…. or leave them in our cars or at home — I do this.. lol

Honestly, I can’t imagine this is hard at all! Perhaps your software engineers or the guys in marketing aren’t cleaver enough to innovate? Seriously. Cinema and concert tickets are already digital in Japan. Way back in 2009! And in 2016, here in the UK, we still have annoying royalty cards with apps that does little… Isn’t it time for a change?

I am there left dismayed as to why all the supermarkets not take advantage of this situation by offering their company’s loyalty membership card as a bar-code in their mobile app. Just think of all the money you’ll save by no producing all those cards.

Think a bout it.. You’d use so much less resources.
Isn’t it time we STOP swiping that card and start scanning our smartphones??


Your Customers

SLRhut : My Personal Experience


SLRhut: What do you know about the company? Prices too good to be true? First hand experience? Opinions? Trust? — This is my story, not a paid endorsement.