msnikitaHello there! Welcome to my little hole in the world. Ever since this site was conceived, people have been asking about a profile page. Guess they want to know more about me? So I have spent a little time thinking about writing this page, actually wrote a couple of drafts. 🙄

I feel that sometimes it’s better to feed the media with truths rather than let them discover a whole bunch of lies derived from whispers and other peoples gossip. So here is my profile… Do as you will with the information, it’s published for a purpose.

My name is Ms. Nikita better know online, simply as Ms.Nikita™ or #MsNikitaxxx elsewhere. I am a British Born Chinese (BBC) girl with a slightly androgynous, goth look from Greater Manchester (England). Over the years, I’ve lived in several countries those include Hong Kong, Japan, parts of Europe and the USA.

I am a keen amateur photographer. I love street photography best, people are so interesting. Studying a degree in sports fitness, and I’m addicted to going to the gym for endurance and resistant training. Discovered I’m actually fairly competitive when it comes to indoor rowing, long distance cycling and occasionally, also enjoy the odd run. Taking care of my body through food, nutrition and nourishment has become something of a religion for me,  everyday I attempt to eat as naturally as possible. Outside of my hormone regimen and various supplements for improving my skeletal system functions, I choose to avoid drugs or stimulants. Mostly because, I believe my body has the ability to produce the bestest possible highs without additional assistance, whether they’re legal or otherwise.

I seldom drink or smoke tobacco, not to say I don’t occasionally… I do revert from time to time revert back to my roots for the odd drink and smoking.. Nothing illicit. I know I shouldn’t but that’s life. I’m not sure is it due to good genes or a healthy diet but over the years I have often been perceived much younger than I am.. Often requiring some form of legal identity in-order to get served.. 😆

Coming out

msnikita-selfieI came out several years ago to the general public first, before my family and friends. Admittedly I was really nervous as many of my friends have lost loved ones or they’ve been kicked out of their home in the process. This all made me nervous plus one can never be sure how people would take you. Luckily for me, everyone seems to accepted me, even indirect family members.. Have since become fairly happy in life, even though those Chinese whispers still loom and occasionally come full circle.

Currently I’m 100% natural, by this I mean. I have not had any augmentative surgery to enhance my body in any shape or form. I have, over the years used none-surgical, non-invasive vocal training as a means to alter/train my voice, improving the overall vocal tone, in the hopes of sounding more natural.

Towards the end of July 2015 I become legally female… All my government documents changed, they finally accepted my application and give me a whole new identity, new medical records, new passport and new drivers license. No longer do I need to use the term ‘trans’ on anything!!


Throughout my life I have always been involved in the arts, being the creative individual that I am; playing with clay, paint, pastels and various materials. After which lead me into studying art & design at a local college with the interests of becoming a fashion designer but that idea was short lived. Eventually I was given an opportunity to trained as a Graphics Designer using the old school traditional techniques that involved a lot of crafting materials such as paper, pens, pencils, ink, scalpels, cow-gum, omicron (metallic toners), screen-printing, mechanical printing presses etc.

One night out of the blue whilst discussing business with a client, some random guy offered me graphics design & b2b marketing position for an independent company, purely based the samples of work I used to show clients. Slowly over the years as my interests matured, I started learning about multimedia and desktop publishing beginning with Macromedia Director then Flash, gradually this moved into digital motion media where I started playing with film, video-tape and digital mediums then into finally into web-design/coding where I stayed.

During all this time I was making ends meet as a computer engineer with a now defunct local firm, whilst freelancing in my own time. I’ve built customized computer systems and servers from the ground up, to customer specifications and supplied them to companies such as British Aerospace, local universities and small businesses and even the average Joe. Did some personal work for the infamous Alan Erasmus (co-founder of Factory Records with Tony Wilson) and ‘The Haçienda’ (Fac 51) — The same people who brought you Joy Division & New Order (never met them)Over all, I have generally been involved with various design and computer industries throughout my life but those were all part of my past… Now, I want to start over by doing something completely different and move forward…


I am an easy-going, positive and open-mined person, generally accepting everyone despite their differences. I feel I have a fair amount of self-confidence when it comes to life in general. Over the years I have developed a thicker skin, allowing me to cope with other people’s harsh, often uncouth or thoughtless comments.

I’m often laughing at my own fuck-ups, which there are many. However, laugh and I’ll happily laugh with you! Even it’s at myself! My humor can be a little dry at times and can be fairly dark so don’t break a leg cause I’ll laugh my ass off! Oh, I’m a bit of a shopaholic. I don’t always buy the most useful of things. 🙄 I believe to be somewhat streetwise. Still have a sense for adventure, to explore and shoot. Loves try out new things and most importantly! I love being around people.

My personality has been considered by many as ‘dominant’ though consider myself more of a switch. I believe life’s about explorations and therefore everything should be explored at least once. Like how else would one be sure they dislike something? I am therefore open for experimentation; eager to explore new territories, play and generally have fun discovering who I am. I don’t mine getting filthy messy, in fact I find it rather sensual. My boundaries are forever changing. I’m usually gain for just about everything. And I do mean everything!! – When I think about it, my primary motivation is that of curiosity…


I like to say I am bisexual but it’ll be more accurate to label myself (if needed) as a pansexual. Since my desires are not limited by biological sex, gender, gender identities or ethnicities. I love absolutely everyone!!


msnikita-osakaAs I transition to become a classy lady…

I intend on moving away from the computers and design, into a completely new industry. One that allows me to be who I am truly. One I’m passionate about. One where I can combine my existing skills, knowledge and experience, to manage my own destiny to some degree; and learn something new about life, explore my sexuality and perhaps allow me to teach others how to enjoy their own bodies!

Yes, I fancy getting my wee ass into the adult film industry. I have desires make explicit movies of a sexual nature, experiment with various fetishes and fantasies (and there are many), in different scenarios, some more extreme than others. I also like to learn more about power-play roles, take my kinky fetishes and fantasies to another level and possibly live them out.

I’ve heard all the negative news and to be frank, I don’t have much to lose nor hide. I have always consider myself to be a sexual enthusiast, though in reality I’m more of a kinky filthy whore who doesn’t mind getting messy. Very messy. I don’t mind the idea of selling sex for an income/security and/or favors. I am interested in becoming an actress/performer. Even with all the cards against me, I would love to establish myself in the industry as a professional, possibly do modelling, product endorsements etc.. As a result, am currently looking for an agency, company or professional representation — Someone with the know how and experience who would be willing to give me a chance..

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