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Back when KangerTech announced this their first mod & tank combination, I was really excited. The thought of a matching of a single celled removable battery mod with the capacity of producing forty watts of vaping power in a dinky case, with the option of sub-ohming was excellent. Even more so when you consider they’re selling for under £50 here in the UK.

During the first week of launch, I tried to purchased one from Amazon but most sellers were either awaiting for stock or were already sold out! Kinda annoying. Then I started noticing an odd pricing strategy some sellers were offering. The black edition came in on average £8-10 cheaper than the white… Now why is that people?? Does black powder coating really cost that much extra?? Or is someone taking the piss? I dunno.. I still went ahead and purchased the white edition, kinda reminded me of cute pandas.. lol

The following day my very own Subox arrived.

The packaging for this little device was excellent certainly better than some of the other mods I had purchased previously, very fancy. Which pretty much took a miniature iPhone like box and padded it out with some nasty foam.. This was different. Kanger actually thought about using the space logically.

After removing the main components the box lifted out to reveal more parts. This was the accessory compartment. In it you had the standard micro USB cable, the redesigned RBA coil, an additional coil rated at 0.5 ohm, some organic cotton, a tool plus some spare coils. If you purchased the white edition, you also get a white spare tip plus all the usual manuals telling you how to use the thing and a product verification sheet proving you purchased a genuine article, not a nasty chinese knock off! lol

Before doing anything with this unit, I thought I should at least try it first… As we all know these things can fail. Besides, I didn’t want to disassemble a faulty unit. 

Afterwards I replaced the battery with one I previously pulled from an Ego One XL, which is effectively an 19650 with solder tags. I deliberately left the red tape on the battery to distinguish it from the negative end.

Laid out side by side, the tank and the mod couldn’t look cuter together. Before closing I tested to see did it work.. It did.
Having previously owned one of their first release subtanks, I already had a pretty go idea how this thing would perform and would I loved it equally as much. However I didn’t really like the cold metal finish all that much, so I sold it to a mate. I thought the thing was pretty awesome just damn thirsty when it came to juices.. lol

From the first day of ownership, I’ve been rocking it ever since. I’ve come to notice that those devices have been really popular, just about everyone I’ve bumped into is using one and depending on your character you might choose a black or white product. They’re both the same, except the white edition also includes a secondly drop tip, in black.

Unfortunately within the first week I discovered some issues, not so much with the device but the powder coating. After accidentally knocking the battery mod on my desk, the finished tarted to come apart. Not what I expected.

And as the days wore on, the paint kept on flaking off!!

Since I’m a heavy user and swapping out the battery was something we all did, I eventually noticed the coating wasn’t just flaking off on the unit but also the battery door!! For something that’s barely a week old, I wasn’t happy.

Eventually much of the edges and base was completely free of any finish, leaving a nasty looking alloy exposed. The battery door was worst. Didn’t look very appealing at all!! Kanger, please address this issue. I’m sure that I’m not the only user experiencing this.

But what’s under that hood?
Well I decided to void that warranty and  peel back the sticker to see what’s lurking behind the black plastic housing. Now because this is design and manufactured by KangerTech, I’m expecting great things. I’m expecting clean builds, quality workmanship. A well laid out electronics, clean wiring with no signs of any nasty heat glue, like you find in some of eLeaf’s mods. Shame on you eLeaf 

Now to get that the inerds you had to remove the sticker and undo the two Philips screws. Once done the entire working should pull out. At one end a spring will come out, along with a plastic cap which isolates the battery connector from the alloy shell.

Here’s the unit naked and working… As you can see, KangerTech’s OLED display is placed into a plastic cradle which helps to protect the display a little should there be any impact. An overall better finish.

The main PCB is held in place with two more Philips screws, once removed the controller board will detach from the frame without any problems. Here, there is no heat glue, no tape or any nasties, just a few wires and little heat shrink. 

As you can see Kangartech have also chosen to use the same surface-mount buttons as the eLeaf. I wonder to myself how long will they last? And what problems users will experience from this mod. If any?

On the back of the board is more clean finishes, over all a well laid out PCB without any clutter or gunk.

Well done KangerTech. Looks like I will be buying more of your mods in the near future but non with a powder-coat finish. As nice as that was, it’s not every hard-wearing!! Give it a little knock on any surface and the coating simply flakes off. I’ve since seen a few other users who have been experiencing this exact same problem. Weirdly their black unit isn’t so bad… What gives?

I’ve used this unit for about two months before losing it.. Think I left it on the train, whilst on my travels. Ooops.

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