Joyetech’s Ego One Exposed


Before we start, let me fill you in…

Admittedly when I first moved to vaping a few months back I was somewhat sceptical about this whole concept. I tried a few disposable eCigs which were completely useless in my opinion. I felt like my face was turning blue whilst trying to draw a lung full of air and flavour through nothing more than cheapo McDonalds straw with a tiny pin hole and LED at one end; the experience wasn’t pleasant. And even before I got started, I was already ready to through in the towel and give up!! Obviously those things weren’t designed by smokers…

Later moving to the ever popular CE4 clearomizer only given one minuscule advantage, no longer am I discarding batteries and straws but now I’m allowed to recharge them and add my own flavours… But in all seriousness they still lacked one major factor that real tobacco gave me, taste!!

Around now I was at my wits end with those devices.. Felt like I wasted lot so money going no where fast, I was still smoking cause they give me more satisfaction and any eCig I tried.  And to see you-tubers being sent samples of ejuice for review only to discover they’re using those devices makes me cringe in anger – I just wanna scream and yell at the monitor!!

Fuckin’ upgrade will ya!!!

Then when I first learnt about this product I was rather excited to be honest, as back then, there was only two product reviewers talking about this product and what it’s capable of. I believe one of them even compared this to the real art of smoking and describing the EgoOne as a mech-mod with protection – or something alongs those lines. Offering an impressive performance for the size with a good balance of vape and taste. So with that in mind, I was able to buy one, I did… and have been enjoying it ever since.

My only drawback, the thing drinks through eJuice like a v12 on B-roads. I found myself vaping through 10ml of eLiquid over a couple of days instead of the usual week but vaping from the Ego-one was fan-fuckin-tastic! It soon become my number device for everyday uses, superseding the awesome Kangar subtank mini.

Until one day it broke.
It’s barely three months old.

Instead of claiming for a warranty replacement, I decided to have a little play. After all, the LED would flash constantly then stop functioning altogether! Upon attempting to ‘reset’ the device and charge it, weird shit kept happening, hand grip area started heating up, as if the switch was stuck in the ‘active’ position. I quickly disconnected it from the charger. And only then did the white LED’s behind the button/trigger ceased to do anything, It continued to heat up as if it’s stuck ‘on’, quickly discovered removing the tank was the only way to prevent it from heating up!! – I have no idea what was happening, I expected this shouldn’t be happening.

So for your entertainment I attempted to pull the ends off!
Only it turned out as planned cause its actually easier to peel the contents from the brushed cylindrical steal case – Well, it’s malfunctioning.. therefore doesn’t need the case, not any more!! lol

Turns out this device is also powered by the same 18650 as the iStick series, only this time it’s a single cell.  Snipping off the power supply was the only way I could possibly make this device safe to fiddle with.

Although the component identity is clearly visible in those photos, I didn’t bother to google them since I just destroyed it’s housing , besides, fixing it wasn’t something I wanted to waste time on.

If you look closely you’ll see what’s causing this device to go haywire!! Turns out one of the components appears to be fried.

Hope you enjoyed this post.
Thanks for viewing.


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  • eggi

    Sad to hear you´re ego one quit her job…. i stubmled on your post because im looking for information how to open the ego one. As i can see you succceeded with opening it, but in my case i don´t wan´t to destroy the housing because mine is still working.

    So what i want is to open the bottom caps as i want to figure out if its possible to hack that little thing that i can built kinda docking station for charging and keep the ego stored in uprigth position on my desk.

    So after you opened the thing , do you got maybe some more pictures of the bottom cap? Is there a thread on the bottom cap so it needs to be “unscrewed” or is it just blank metal pressed into the housing tube? Could you see some glue or adhesive?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Hi Eggi,

      Nope there’s no threading to either end of the battery caps; seems they’ve quite literally forced the end caps on with some gentle force most probably from a vice or something similar.


    • Denis

      Hi eggi,
      This is the only article about disassembly of ego one battery I could find.
      Just wonder if you managed to open it without destroying?

    • Vadex

      I have the same issue put the ato in and start woring, i wash the battery with lots of vodka, and is working so far(2 weeks)

  • eggi

    Ah ok .. so i will try my luck just pulling it out. Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Eggi,

      I’ve not tried it but I think it might be possible to gently rock a tank that’s been tightly screwed into the 510 thread, back and forth. This might help easy the top off.. but don’t try to twist it off as there some very thin and very short wires attached to it. Best of luck!!


  • Bozvotros

    What is it about Joyetech? They make wonderful vaping devices with great small form factor, perfect draw, flavor and throat hit like the e-grip and now the Ego One but drop them once and they are toast. Both of these devices occupied my favorite status for a month or two and then something happens. I had the same auto fire issue with my Ego One as you, also it started leaking and I know some got in the button. Then the button started getting funky and sticky and now if I graze the button a tiny bit it starts to fire or flaw and shut down. It is just b******* that they can’t produce a more durable product so I guess I have to assume they are. doing it on purpose. And don’t get me started on the e grip. I liked it so much that I had three of them replaced and each one began to malfunction and died again within a month or two. In general, if you’re the kind of person who likes to get really attached to someone and then have them abandon you or turn cold and unpredictable by all means buy Joyetech. You’ll probably enjoy them a lot.

    • Hi Bozvotros.

      Hmm.. I’ve dropped my other EgoOne countless of times cause they simply roll of my desk and crash to the ground. lol However, not killed one from a drop alone. Perhaps yours was due to bad luck? But then, I guess it depend on what sort of surface it lands on and how.. I’m terribly sorry it died 🙁


  • George


    Today i have opened the battery, there is no any screw-thread for opening (from both side), I have just hit back end of battery with my leatherman pliers and open and in same time destroy it : )))) There is no any special way to open it, Better to buy new battery. Anyway if you are going to open it be careful because battery is composed with easy flammable components. Don’t try to open top of the battery it’s impossible without cutting case : )))

    • Thanks for the heads up George.

      In the past, I’ve open countless of devices and have yet to burst any of those battery packs. I have seen someone open up an EgoOneXL without causing too much physical damage, though he/she did need a soldering iron to re-attach the wires as they’re terribly short!!

      Anyway.. I had fun!! Got myself a spare 18650 with solder tags which appears to work in my SuBox. So I guess that’s a saving right there! 🙂


  • Jenny Lynn

    I had the same problem after a month! It actually burned my hands!!
    The store kept checking the voltage and telling me that it was ok!
    So I’m headed to the eLeaf Istick 30w and Nautilus…I’m hoping my vaping experience is enhanced even more as I will be able to adjust temp for flavor!
    Plus they are almost the same size and the Istick is regulated…I did get tired of the huge drop in output as soon as the light started flashing even slowly!
    Thank you…great article! Plus now I know I’m right in not going back to the ego!!

  • droool

    I have 2 Ego One Vape thing-a-ma-jigs and BOTH of them get stuck buttons. I would NOT spend another dime on an Ego One…… I’ve only had mine about 4 months, paid $80 apiece at the local vape shop, now will only buy online. The local vape shop would not exchange (I had taken one in before it was a month old because it didn’t charge right)…… Looking to upgrade… don’t want to fall into another Ego One type trap, though. Can anyone suggest a good one to upgrade to?

    • Jenny Lynn

      I’m using the ELeaf Istick (30w) with a Nautilus Mini tank. Worked out to be a bit cheaper…the coils online are cheaper too! The 30w has a nice shape for the hand & is tiny…they are going to the 40w (which is bigger) so you could probably find some good deals.
      It holds 2.0ml…the Ego held 2.5. You can put a regular Nautilus tank on it too (4.0ml) but it looked too ‘top heavy’ for me.
      I really like it!! Check them online…and good luck!

    • Jenny Lynn

      Oh you cal also contact Joyetech & I heard they will replace defective items if you have your proof of purchase!
      Hope that helps!

    • A friend

      Get a mech mod “SMPL” it will last you forever

  • Tinker

    I am having similar issues and was trying to see how to take this thing apart myself. I have a very similar story as you but what shocked me though was when I read “about the author”. Thanks sis! And I hope you are having better luck now!

  • Kris

    I have the 2200mAh version which takes an 18650 battery I believe. I’d like to open mine and stick a NCR18650B in there. Do you think that there is any way to take this apart successfully and put back together?
    Also, after looking for a dismantled Totally Wicked e-lectron Supreme AKA Joyetech eCom Supreme, I happened to stumble upon your Instagram.
    Did you figure out if that could be broken down for a replacement battery? I really like the battery but it’s not lasting anywhere near like it used to.
    I’m in bad health right now but I still have all my tools to hand (mechanic).
    Any feedback would be much appreciated.
    Thanks 🙂

  • Hi Nikita,

    Thanks for in-detail analysis. I had issues with it too…
    I am looking forward for more articles like this. Would be really interesting to hear your opinion about Joyetech eVic VTC Mini, which in my opinion is a hottest device from Joyetech at the moment. Thanks one more time!

    • Hi Vitali.

      Not a mod I own personally but my friends has it and think it’s awesome. I’d be more than happy to thoroughly review the product, if your willing to send me a sample. Use the contact form if this is something you’d like to consider.


  • Mine did the same thing today, God I hope I can manage until payday without buying a pack of cigs… Looks like it’s a hunk of junk if this happens, and my vapestore only offered a 3 month guarantee on the battery |:-<

  • jedics

    I cant believe that no one makes an ego one copy with all its features eg. regulated, 18650, pass through and SMALL tube form factor that vapes better than mech mods AND has a replaceable battery….. Id buy the ego if the battery was removeable.

    • I replaced the ego-one battery with a 30W Sigelei box mod works perfectly fine for 0.5 Ohms if that’s what you want and it uses a single 18650. They’re cheap now..

      • jedics

        yeah I know boxes are the best way to go for value but I just cant get over the sucking on a plastic box at the pub idea of it, maybe later when I get into it more….

        • 30W Sigelei Box-mod

          Plastic? The 30W Sigelei box-mod is an all metal construction, it feels excellent in the hand and works great for sub-ohming but that’s running it at the maximum. I believe they might have been discontinued now but I know some vendors still have old stock, maybe you can get one cheap?