Amazon UK’s New Policy


Sad day for all you bargain hunters.
As of May 1st 2016, Amazon UK no longer offers price drop refunds.

Our prices may increase or decrease based on a number of factors and unfortunately, we can’t offer you a refund for the difference between the price in your order and the lower price you saw on our website.  ~Amazon customer representative. 

You can however re-purchased the item’s since dropped in price and return the old, assuming you’ve not used them. I know, this seems rather long winded and futile. Their prime customers have free returns on various goods, including clothing and footwear – I suggest you fill in their returns form highlighting the fact your are making a return due to a recent price drop.

High street stores still allows returns provided you have your receipt – Me, I keep all mine in a shoe box for annual auditing… Yea, I spend way too much money on stuff.. lol