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Well.. I just thought I’d write about how I feel. Because there’s been a whole load of weight on my shoulders, over the last couple of weeks. In my mind, I initially wanted to vote to ‘remain’ and slowly I wanted to vote “leave” but ultimately I could not simply choose. It’s a very difficult decision. As the hours ticked away.. I decided to let others choose and later, I’ll choose whether or not I should remain in Britain.

I’m not a politically motivated person, I don’t follow politics as closely as others do. I do however understand the consequences of leaving the EU. I therefore consciously choose not to vote! I have always said, I prefer not to vote because I can not see myself living in the UK for the remainder of my life. I like the idea of being able to leave with a guilty free consciousness —If that makes sense..

To reiterate:
On June 23rd, 2016. I did not vote.

I believe even thought we have the ‘right to vote’, we also have the right not to vote. We can choose. Isn’t that what being a democratic nation is all about? Having a voice, and the choice of using it, if needed?

Late last night, I went bed thinking the UK will remain in the EU and eventually we’ll find some solution to resolve our differences, even though I’m not wholly satisfied with the current balance of power.

This morning I woke up to learn that the people of this beautiful country has voted to leave! Or “Brexit” as it’s known. Guess we can officially say we have our independence, once again? Initially I was a little sad, angry and somewhat confused, as if, to say “What now?” & “What the fuck did you do!?” No really. “What the fuck did you do ! ?” — I’ll put it down to shock cause I never thought they could pull it off!!

I can’t speak for countless others but I kinda liked being part of the European Union (EU). I loved that being a Brit, we were able to travel freely, work in other parts of the continent without the need of unnecessary visas and paperwork, learn about the various cultures and languages that goes with them. Bring back copious amounts of cheap European sourced alcohol and tobacco without paying excess duties.

However with all that ‘like‘ there was also lost of hate! And it’s partly focused on a handful of politicians. Those bureaucrats in Brussels (aka “The European Commission”) kept telling us how we should effectively run our country, how we should control our borders, what laws we could pass, and if they didn’t like them, they would ask us to make amends and even then, there’s a change they would be rejected. This made me hate those bastards — This however, should not be the reason to vote.

I was am perhaps one of them many millions who had mixed emotions about leaving… It seemed like a fantasy — Now, I’m beginning to feel Britain will eventually become a brighter place to live and over time, she’ll have a strong currency again. Perhaps together, they’ll prove to those skeptics that they can do it??

Perhaps now, I can choose to stay and support the nation? I don’t know… My heart still doesn’t call this place a ‘home’, even though I’m born and bred here; I love some place else. Sorry UK. That’s the truth.

UK & EU Expats
I have certain aspirations and a desire to work in Europe eventually. Currently none of us truly understand the full implications of how leaving the EU will affect those regulations as we currently understand it. I don’t want our exit to cause complicated issues regarding our right to work in Europe or free movement within the EEA.

I feel sorry for all those British expats working and living in the EU. And all the Poles/Polish people who are currently working in the UK legally.. I’m sure they’re all worried about their jobs and future prospects; perhaps they feel hurt? And whether they should stay or leave etc…

— I honestly wish I can say to them

Don’t worry, everything will be alright.

But I can’t. I’m sorry.
Hope everything works out for you guys.

Well what ever happens now….
I hope those people in the UK can find some happiness in their decision. Myself personally still would like to leave the United Kingdom. Overnight Europe and the USA has become more colorful.

The UK is the first member state to leave the EU
Now that UK has become the first state to leave (no, actually Greenland was) I can’t help but wondering how many of the other member states also wish to leave?… And what will ultimately happen to the EU, if others had their choice to choose their own destiny and left.

For those who voted to leave the EU
I sincerely hope you have fully researched everything before committing to your vote, as you will be the ones who will have to live with the consequence of your actions, possibly for generations to come without a chance of re-entering the European Union. Especially if you are a native national with no 2nd nationality to return too.

Also, if you are one of the millions who like to take cheap holidays to Europe and bring back large quantities of cheap booze and tobacco; be prepared to pay duties on all you bring home, or face having them confiscate or seize by the authorities – Remember. You voted for this.

You can only blame yourself!
I have no sympathy. None.


Soon this flag may become a souvenir for collectors.

As June 24th draw to a close…
I learn that Scotland is considering having a second Scottish independence referendum to split it’s ties from UK. Likewise N. Ireland wants a border poll.

Seems this Brexit you people have voted for might be the end of the United Kingdom as you know it. If either or both of them succeed there’s a likely chance that England will be leaving the EU without them. Good luck on the future England.

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