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Ever since I created a new Facebook profile for myself and opening it to the world, my inbox has never seen soo much traffic!! Everyday I continue to be enlightened by all those cretins who command our language with so much prosperity (more to cum). Honestly, I never used to think of “men were dogs” but clearly I never lived till now! – Where the hell have I been ?? lol

Nearly everyday there’s are new messages awaiting replies, usually sent from random users whom I’ve never conversed with, they’ve never commented or replied to anything I may have posted in public. Yet for one reason or another, something I post or say, or perhaps my avatar makes them choose to commit a few moments of their invaluable time by putting their foul minded thoughts as a  private message to me. A note of appreciation, it’s not. Yay!!

Guess posting to my wall just isn’t good enough eh? Perhaps you have something to hide? Scared your wife might find out? (wait, are you even married?) Maybe she’ll discover your twisted intentions? Or my supported friends would shred your ass in public?!! – Oh.. Public humiliation.. Mmmm.. Fun! 

Obviously I can’t speak for others but I’ve stopped checking my “other” inbox regularly, since it normally contains junk and spam from all them lovely people Mom wouldn’t kill at first sight – but I would! I’d happily slice and dice their bean bag with a rustic blade till it whither and bleeds, then pile on the sodium chloride, stomping it in for good measure – Hey Presto! Salted balls! (without chocolate) lol

However on those rare occasions I do check outta shear boredom…
Then wonder why I wastes my time?? 😮 Quick! *mark unread* 

After years of using the site, I am still impress by people’s ongoing confusion of love, with lust. Endless thoughtless memos from people whom wannabe friends, for some they’re unable to add (damn good thing!), often people tell me they’re blocked!! Others, you simply don’t want to add cause there’s more interesting activities in the local cemetery. Among all the messages, there are always some which are less sanitary, they range from vulgar swearing to various degree of disparagement.

And you wonder why I haven’t added them as friends huh? Then again, the mind boggles. One wonders does these idiots think with his brain or their maggot!??

Here’s an example, shared by a dear friend…

Hey, that’s a hot chick.
I love her and I should tell her that. You know what, I want to marry her for no fucking reason. Let’s express that to her.
I don’t know a single thing about her but hey, love is weird. This must be it.
Why isn’t she responding?
I’ll now send her my penis, bitches love penises.
Still no answer? Don’t you love my penis? It’s all yours if you marry me?
Silence? What an ungrateful arrogant cunt.
Yo? Hey! You there? I see you are online. Maybe I should send another penis shot to make sure you’ve really seen it. Maybe you’ve missed it? Hm okay. No answer? Hello my love? Marriage? Love? Children?


Oh. YES!! Purrrfect. Sounds like my kinda guy… Lets get married. Instantly!
I always wanted a guy with a detachable knob and a sewer for a mind!

June 2014

Here’s proof that some guys are always thinking with their dicks 🙄

Sorry you dislike them, they are candles/rockets designed for people with visual impairment or color blindness. If you think they’re anything else, you should see an optometrist.

And then, there’s more screen-grabs..

I’ll tell you this now, if you wanna be friends this isn’t the way to introduce yourself to me.. Stealing other people’s images, and using them as your own isn’t cool. Let alone sending them to someone you’ve never met!

September 2014

Here’s a free bit of advice:
Don’t try to be cleaver when you have a poor command of English.
You’ll outwit yourself and make yourself look stupid.

Let’s exchange our privacy”? 

Er… Let’s not, aye?

“Can I have my Penis…”

Whut? No.. I ain’t got his tiny todger! lol
Probably only worth a cent anyway.

The lingo is atrocious but hella funny!!

“Hi do you want sex come over skype…fo sec chat”

Skype? Really!!??  Well if you pay, I charge by the minute. Then sure..
You’d don’t have to be Jason Statham before I consider you… just show me your wallet.

Does this approach really work?
Are some ladies really this gullible? Or just desperate? Tell me…

“I can suck my cock deepthroat and my balls “

 Show me a fuckin video!

I really wish I knew which photo offended him…
I wanna re-post them over and over again!!


Finally, If you wanna become friends with me. This ain’t the way to do it..
In fact, i’m pretty sure it’s why some people are unable to find love or remain single…
Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s a forty/fifty year old virgin!!


Seriously? You’re attempting to befriend me, after befriending my friends; then almost immediately send me this image. What the fuck! The only dick you’re blowing tonight is your own, bitch.

Extreme BDSM

Bare in mind, I’m a bit of a sadist when it comes to inflecting pain… To me, there’s nothing more pleasurable than seeing grown men squirm in fear, hold their brains between their palms, as I use their prized possession as a pin cushion. Just so you remember me, I’d happily pour on concentrate citric acid or sodium chloride to soothe away your anguish. The funny thing is, I’m not trained in needle play and I don’t really care if your thing cease to function. Perhaps it’s better this way, then you’ll think twice about sending chicks maggot pics?

September 2016 updates

Congratulations Brendan Hurley in St. Louis you’ve made it to our dickpic douchebag thread:

“Can I send a pic of myself”

And in case you missed the profile page.. here it is!
Ohh.. Is that family I see? 🙄

NB: All images featured on this entry are unsolicited, some might even be considered ‘online sexual harassment’ in some countries. They we’re sent directly to myself through social-media and I shell continue to update this post as more grubs appear.

NOT all men are bad

I am NOT saying ALL men are bad. I am a strong believer of “never judge a book by it’s cover“. There are some great, if not awesome guys out there and I’d trust them dearly. They act like a gentlemen, treat me and other females as an equal with mutual respect. I can tell you a professional would not send those unsolicited images to their colleagues and fellow performers.

However there’s also a small percentage of immoral lowlifes scum out there, who’ll stop at nothing to degrade and demoralize someone for the sake of their entertainment… I personally won’t have any of it.

If you are one of those people and you inbox me with this shit on social media and I’ll happily take full screen grabs before making a report, mail copies to your place of employment and/or family members. Plus there’s a high chance those images will remain online long after your profile page has been deleted. Think about what your doing before doing it.

If strangers that I’ve never met before, choose to treat me like trailer-trash. I’ll be more than happy to treat them as sewer-rats. After-all, what do I have to lose? They’ve already decided I’m trash. *block*

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