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msnikita-bemeWhat’s new today? 
Today I started experimenting with Casey Neistat‘s new app, Beme.

I’ve actually had it for a while but didn’t have an invite code! However that’s all changed and now, you can pretty much sign up using your phone number! Just one snag. Currently only available for the iPhone but I hear the makers will be releasing and android version soon.

The application itself is a little like SnapChat. However the main difference is, there are no filters, no pen, no nothing. Just a honest view of your life — Essentially giving someone else a few seconds glimpse into your world, the way you see it.

It’s rather radical if you ask me. It’s kinda fun and quirky.. Nobody knows what they’re recording till it’s been sent. lol Currently I’m only experimenting with the application.. Not quite sure does it record for four seconds or ten… I’m working on it to learn.. lol

Though, I thought I’d be a different. I started shooting in landscape form, instead of the usual portrait mode that everyone else uses.. So if you want a glimpse into my world, turn your phones ninety degrees.

If you like to follow me, you can find me at

rImportant information contained within Casey’s blog video… Check it!


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