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On the day I’m heading into town for an appointment, the local councils, officials and the annoying government decides it’s stupid TeamGB Heroes Parade should take pride in the city center cause major disruptions to everyone’s daily lives, barricading the city streets, diverting all forms of public transport and traffic away from the city center.

It’s really fudging frustrating!
I really hate it when other people screw with my schedule.

My bus that normally goes to Albert Square was diverted to Salford, avoiding the city altogether. Worst, incompetent Stagecoach transport staff did a really wank job of informing the public of their route changes. Leaving those of sitting upstairs in the dark! This made me run over thirty minutes late for my appointment and I hate running late!!

Why couldn’t the Manchester Evening News post a tweet on it’s page informing people there will be traffic disruptions throughout the city, that anyone wishing to get to the city center should allow for extra time? Bloody amateurs I tell you. For a government who likes to tell people how to run their lives, you’ve failed miserably. Sure doesn’t make me like this country any more!!


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