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Please excuse me if this entry is a bit late. I’ve been feeling a little off due to my food ‘allergies’. Bhoy! I hate having food allergies… They drive me spare!! Believe me when I tell you that I haven’t forgotten you! Poor blog. 🙁

Turns out there’s not that many sessions left, I’m apparently allowed six or seven and we believe think this is my fifth. I’m informed that everything from here on out will be more about support, so for those who are following my progress, I’m sorry there’s not much else to update, as far as learning to feminize your voice goes. Seems every technique I need to learn, to feminize my voice have already acquired. The rest is nothing more than ongoing self-practice and practice there needs to be loads off!!

In this session I’m being told off for not putting in enough effort! – Yea, sometimes I get lazy but don’t we all? Therefore it’s definitely something I’m told I should do more off…

They’re telling me it should be my default voice now; and that I should be using to speak to everyone I know, in contact with, it’s the one factor others will judge your gender by, especially when using communication in society, whether it’s ordering food in stores, picking up tickets or being sociable around both friends and strangers.

However, switching to the new and making it your default isn’t as easy as changing the wallpaper on your desktop. I’m discovering there’s lots of little things I need to do and nobody else can do for me. I’m really hoping they’ll become second nature pretty damn soon!!

Every now and then, I’m still finding myself humming occasionally, seeking for that ‘home pitch’. I know when I’ve found it, it’s where my voice feels the most comfortable. Then there’s the uses of pitch, what syllables to elongate. On occasions I’ll forget entirely, reverting back to my androgynous voice isn’t that manly to begin with.. but definitely not feminine.

Even with all this laziness cast aside, would you be surprised if I told you I find it more comfortable speaking in my new voice than my old?

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About Matthew Mills

Lead Specialist Speech and Language Therapist at the Gender Identity Clinic, London
Matthew Mills BA (Hons) MSc AGSM LTCL Mus Ed cert. MRCSLT Reg.HCPC

Matthew is Lead Specialist Speech and Language Therapist (Transgender Voice and Communication) at the Gender Identity Clinic, London where he has worked since 2009. He is also a voice coach and musician and teaches actors at voice coaches at Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, London. He teaches speech and language therapy students at the University of Greenwich. He originally trained as an actor and singer at Guildhall School of Music & Drama and worked in theatre film and television for 15 years.

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