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~~~ So tonight over dinner we had a family discussion mostly about my transition and how it’s going, we covered everything from start to current, even hit base as to “WHY?” ~~~~

Those of you who known me a while will know I talk about my unusual situation fairly publicly, mainly cause I’m proud of who I am and I don’t believe I should hide the fact I’m born intersex with a unusual genetic condition called AIS. Treatment is via hormones, minerals and vitamins. Since been on HRT, I’ve grown from a tiny to a sizable pair, possibly enough to make some of my friends jealous… and I ain’t had augmentation!! – Gotta love science!!

First of all I explained to them for the past eight months I’ve been taking voice theory & voice coaching sessions in London – this takes up the entire day!! – It’s where I re-tune my voice to a new “home pitch” (201-220 Hz), learn to speak and use my voice in such a way I sound female to everyone communicating with me; make minor adjustments to my existing accent, learn to elongate certain syllables etc. And in order to achieve my goals successfully I’m asked to quit smoking, refrain form drinking alcohol and generally keep physically fit, both body and voice (yea, i’ve asked why too… and I ain’t gonna tell you) I’ve also been seeing an ENT for nasal sprays used to clear any pre-existing sinus problems, allowing me to jump from a modest 135 hz to an “impressive” 299 Hz (controlled peaks around 357-383 Hz).

All whilst learning to use make-up like a boss with tons of trail and errors, mostly errors!! Gaining contouring tips from anyone and everyone who’s willing to giving them away for free! In the process I accidental stumbled onto an everlasting supply of product samples from various major cosmetic companies who’re willing to support me.. I even pester my g/f’s work place for makeup tips… training to walk in heels in studio conditions with ceramic flooring. OMFG, it’s soo hazardous!! ~~~ For about three weeks I came home with more and more spots, looking like a badly bruised banana from constantly landing on my forearms, elbows, face, chin, butt. I’ve slipped and fallen soo many times that I’ve lost count, all I can remember are those model friends laughing in hysterics, showing me how they’re doing it faultlessly – yelling “don’t think, balance!” – To be frank, they hurt my ankles but nothing in life comes without some pain, right? ~~~ Besides they’re something I feel I need to learn, even though about fifty percent of the population can’t handle them – I don’t wanna be like them. Today I’m fairly comfortable in 10cm heels and I ain’t even been outside yet!! LOL 😮

Then there’s fun with dress-up. Bras gentlemen aren’t the most comfortable things to wear, they hurt my shoulders, straps are forever slipping off and ill-fitting garments causes chafing, dig into your sides and make me feel hella slutty!! Hahaha.. However, the first thing I wanna do when I’m home is to fling them away and change into something comfy, screw the support!! ~ Those of you who’re cross-dressers.. Why the heck do you need them eh? You padding out with socks? ~ I dunno.. I just know I don’t need boobs inorder to feel female, no matter what the world likes to think.

When one has long long legs, stockings always seem to be too short, even the long one are too short IMHO… but they do make my legs appear wonderful, especially black nylons. Seemed or not really doesn’t matter except on certain occasions. I’m still not dressing full-time, I’m just breaking each rule as I came to them. They’re getting mentally ripped to shreds and new ones are written in place.

I like, I want to drop my current weight from ~80 Kg to 55-60 Kg,
Take up corset training/tight-lacing – want to adopt a nicer shape
Become a fully qualified makeup artist – special fx perhaps?

I’d also like to venture into bondage, various fetishes, even try modelling and sex worker.. I dunno, always fancy getting into porn. “The world is your oyster” as they say and I refuse to be bounded by some cunt’s rules…. Soo I’m gonna explore and see where things take me.

Current Stats
Chest: 34/36DD
Height: 173.5 cm
Shoes: UK 7 / Eur 41

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