Oh.. Whoops!!


I’m learning that my sister constantly shocks me.

A couple of years back I came out to my family about my transition.. and she and her husband accepted my gender bending adventure without any quiveration. Mostly probably thought I’d never go through with it.  Though she did explain that she’ll need a little time to get used to the fact that she has another sister, not a little bro.

Then tonight Brother-in-Law and I was having this interesting chat about my future plans of getting into the adult entertainment industry. and as you know with conversation, the voices get louder…. Now me sister knows. Oh. Oops.

Then she asked “how will it work?”
“You’re half half..”
I’m like yeah.. I’d probably be able to earn more! hahahaha…

Been one of those nights where the secret you’ve been keeping from your family, accidental gets out! And to my surprise, my sister seems to supporting me. Like who would have thought she’d do that? I was actually expecting a lecture, 1001 reasons not to work in the industry.

….Meanwhile her husband just wants to see some TS/TG porn.

My sister rocks!
No, wait.. My family ROCKS!!

Honestly, I feel extremely very lucky cause I know many families who wouldn’t accept their children being a homosexual, let alone allowed to transition then later, enter the sex industry to explore one’s sexuality. Yup.. I want my whore pass!!

And here I am. Accepted without a question.
Perhaps other parents reading this can learn to be more open minded?

….Just not told Mom yet..