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After my frightful panic attack on Saturday, I immediately informed my doctors at the first available opportunity. As a precaution, they’ve asked me to stop taking my antidepressants and book a routine appointment, which isn’t for another seven days. I’ve also being informed that my CBT sessions will be stopped, instead they will now refer me to a psychiatrists.

Great… More head shrinking.

Today’s been the first day since stopping my meds… I feel terrible. I don’t have much interests in doing anything socially. I have this annoying migraine which refuses to leave me in peace therefore I kinda feel like being left alone right now. So instead of socialising with friends, or disappearing round a buddy’s place I’m staying put. Just taking some good advice from a friend and relaxing to “a funny movie or cartoon. That always helps me 😜” So… That’s precisely what Im doing… That, and sorting out my insane music collection. I discovered my music software allows me to sort my digital media into folders: Genre / Artist / Album etc. Which should shorten they uber long list of playlists. lol

Also, other than having insomnia, I’m been kinda fearful of sleeping. I don’t want to experience another panic attack during my sleep right now. I’m not entirely sure how I’m gonna get through the week. I’m sure I’ll find a way.

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