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Quick post:
Wednesday 29th July marks my half birthday. It’s special to me because this is the date I become legally female. Yes!! Our government has accepted my proposal and that I’m not intersex male after-all and therefore should be allowed to live the life I have since adopted which is female!!

Over the coming weeks I should receive an whole new identity package, that I can legally call my own. This includes a new passport, new national insurance identifier, new medical records, new licenses for all that I’m entitled too plus all my old records will eventually be destroyed, like I never existed previously. I’m told, this new status is valid globally, not just here in Europe.

The next time I’m voting, it’ll be Ms.Nikita™ that’s checking the all important box…
The next time I pay my state taxes, income tax, social security, it’ll be Ms.Nikita™
The next time I travel abroad, it’ll be Ms.Nikita™ who’ll be packing the bags and making the trip over seas.
Now all my documentations have changed. It’s time to update my financial details…. Everything else!!

I guess, I should stop using the term ‘trans’ online too!! After all, I don’t really need to tell people, do I? However, can I work in the adult industry as a female model/performer or is that still gonna be a trans model? American seems to be a little behind us, when it comes to the legal status of their trans community.

But why do passport photos look so damn hideous?

And in regards to this site. The information about my past will remain intact. I have no shame as to where I came or regrets. Besides, the data will be useful for others embarking on this pathway. I’m still have up and coming information to share though they be slowly emerging…

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