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Today should have been a joyful day of celebration, it is after all my father’s eighty-third or forth birthday – yeah, I get confused with the year, it’s one or the other but can’t remember which. lol Instead of being out celebrating. I’m here, home, digging through a piles of vintage photos of our yesteryears, reminiscing the good-times we once shared and mentally playing back old memories of the fun times we once had…

I remember one particular moment – nothing spectacular – but it’s the one time in my life where I woke-up to the world and realised “Hey! I’m alive!!” “…Look at me making cute gestures” lol. Think I was four or five at that time, dressed in the most horrendous bell bottom flairs known to man, they were your faded brown corduroy pants anyone with a sense of style would likely run a mile to avoid wearing them… You know the one? Then there’s the awesome (sarcasm) cream beige jumpers with pointless colour-bands across my chest plus weird looking brown leathery shoes that didn’t fit my feet but I wore then with pride, not caring that they had  no style what-so-ever!!  Oh yea.. I had a really fashionable upbringing, one could make everyone else barf in disgust but hey! I believe I turned out OK…

Unfortunately there’s tons of horrid photos of me as a child, you’d probably love to see them but I’m simply not ready to share right now… However everyone of them has some incredible, wonderful memories attached. I can at least thank him for that.

Also.. It’s my father who got me into photography. Back then it was all 35mm film based cameras, all manual focus and if you were lucky enough, you’d own a motorised back plate.. My dear sister cherished her 126mm cartridge thing, nasty bit plastic but she loved it and I’d get to pose for dad every now and then…

Unfortunately my old man has been gone a few years now and once year I’ll spent a day thinking about him.. I dearly miss him. I would love to visit his grave and talk to him however I have no clues as to where he’s resting. So rambling on my blog is the next best thing I suppose.

I love you Dad …even though you’re no longer here to see me grow old. I hope you can approve of the choices I make for myself in life, even if most of them are slightly controversial and perhaps unconventional to what you’d see as sensible.

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