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Blogging about life is not meant to annoy me, enrage my anger further or cause me to rant about the struggles I may encounter in life. In fact, it’s meant to be somewhat therapeutic, as I unload and share with you something I have discovered or learnt recently… However, right now I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle with various so-called professional hair salons in my city.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been to several salons, a couple of them seemed willful at first but in the end they could not give me the result I’m after! My goal was simple… I wish to return to being a blonde! Apparently it’s task too difficult for some, especially if they lack experience with dark virgin Asian hair!

A little background here…

Throughout my life, I have been living as a platinum blonde without experiencing any cause to concern in regards to my hair. Then for a while I stop lightening my hair not due to extensive damage but because I wanted a change… but I never remained a ‘natural’ anything for long. Usually I use a semi-permanent color to change states, this allowed me to keep on changing as and when my mood pleases. This was all fine till I dyed my hair with a box colorant… It’s been well over a year, possibly two since I last used such a product. I aimed is to grow out the permanent color and return to blonde but it’s much easier said than done. Currently my hair is ready for lifting, pretty much all the blue/black colorant has either faded, washed or cut out!!



On Friday, 19th August I attended a consultation with they lovely Fiona at Trevor Sorbie, Manchester.

Fiona and I had previously discuss a few things on an informal call but meeting allowed her the opportunity to examine my hair, then give me her professional opinion on what could be achieved. More importantly, what exactly I liked to have done. She also suggested what might be possible as an alternative solutions. She asked have I thought about having highlights done instead of a full head of bleach? I said no…

When asked what products their company used, I’m informed they used L’oreal products. Now I personally don’t have any experience with their product range. She went on to briefly told me that their company is currently offering Olaplex treatment for protection with color treatments for free! Then, I’m told she’s only willing to use 30% peroxide on the ends, not on the scalp and even then she’s not happy to do more than one application in a single visit.

Her suggestion was to do multiple sessions of lifting, leaving the hair to rest for a month before re-applying. Basically, this maintained the optimum hair quality but it won’t be leaving the salon as a blonde in any one visit!

Before any prices could be quoted, she wanted to a sample of my hair for a strand test.
In addition, I had a skin test done too…

I when asked to briefly what is the cost per application? I’m told it’ll be £120 per application, plus the cost of a toner and a cut. — Initially the price is a touch costly but if they could have reached the high goals I wanted, I would have happily paid…

However, on the 23rd, these were the results I’m shown. Not exactly impressive. Sorry.

Fiona informed me she had used two applications of the developer plus a toner to achieve this warm brassy tone. Which is nowhere near to the tone I had in mind or expected. Even though the hair felt great, I’m not overtly happy with the color. However I’m not entirely sure was this test done with or without Olaplex™ added to the developer.

I just know, if Olaplex™ was indeed added to the 30 vol mix then this would effective be processed with the power of 20 vol bleaching. Not the full strength 9% which would have taken it to a warm blonde and after two applications, it would have been closer to a golden blonde.




On Saturday 20th August 2016 I met with Karis, she’s a truly knowledgeable technician, knowing her salon’s products inside out! Upon my arrival she basically sat me down in the corner and immediately explained that their L’oreal products their company used weren’t able to give the lift required to achieve a platinum blonde.

She went on to explain the sort of damage my hair would encounter if they even tried… When asked, again, this salon also said they aren’t prepared to use more than one application of bleaching in one visit — Not the answer I’m looking for! 😐

Even so, they didn’t waste my time with taking a hair sample for a strand test. Instead, I was greeted with someone who knows their products inside out and went straight to the point!!


and the final salon I tried

Razor’s Edge
Royal Exchange, Manchester.

Now I had some history with this salon, years ago.

In previous visitations, they were willing to lighten my hair to a blonde but only after signing a waiver. However, on this occasion, the store manager mentioned they are not allowed to do this procedure anymore and they’re not willing to offer ‘customer waivers’ primarily because “they’re are not worth the paper they’re written on!”

I then asked to speak with Tony, their director.

Their staff have pretty much fobbed me off by saying he’s in a meeting all day.. and I should leave my contact details with them. Strangely I phoned up a couple of days later and they were still telling me the same ole story. Tony is in a meeting.

How many bloody meetings can a small independent chain have?
— Currently I’m still awaiting to hear back from them. So far nothing!

Great customer service guys!!
*sarcasm* 🙄 


All this makes me wonder…. Why don’t you guys get off your high horse to be the creative professional that other hairdressers dream about? Aren’t you meant to be in business to make money and serve the clients needs? Instead, your pushing away potential clients, lectured them about what you can or can’t do… Then telling us all the reasons why you can’t offer us your services… It’s like you don’t really want to serve the people.

I know from experience, that being a blonde requires regular maintenance, toners to lessen the golden/yellowish tint; special toning shampoos to keep the hair’s color in check etc. However, this isn’t the current problem. It’s finding a salon or a “professional” that’s up to the job. And so far, it seems most aren’t. At least not here in Manchester. Meanwhile, another salon is telling me they don’t have the product to lift dark hair… WTF?

During all of this, one or more of the salons I’ve visited informed me about Julia knows beauty could be a source of bleeches and developers, should I wish to go the route of self lifting… Personally, I prefer to use Goldwell or Wella Professional products. As far as I know, none of the suppliers in Manchester sells those brands to the unlicensed public.

At the end of the day, you have two choices. Either you use your expertise to give the client what they want or I’ll bleach it myself. That is the end all, be all of it really.

I have since given up looking for yet another salon. Instead, I have signed up with Wella Studio to be a color model in a few weeks. From my understanding, they teach so-called professional hair dressers more advanced skills. Maybe now I’m able to get something closer to what I’m looking for?

Then there’s always the possibility of me applying another application.
I have the tools, the kills and product to achieve this…

I’m just too lazy! 🙄



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