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I knew sooner or later this was bound to happen. For months I have been thinking, how am I going to tackle this? How will my friends react? How will I deal with it? Will I be hurt?

Well, tonight that happened. I bumped into someone I knew from my past life and it’s really surprised me that other people can manage to keep a straight face, or accept me as I am.

Guess I must have some great friends after all??  


Late this evening, soon after getting up and dashing to the store for some last-minute groceries, I bumped into an old friend whom I’ve not seen nor heard from in about ten years. He doesn’t know I’m transitioning, he doens’t even know what I’m doing right now… or where I’ve been for the best part of a decade.  Nor did he recognised me at first… but I recognised him and I felt the need to say “Hey, hi Sonny” then proceed to explain who I am or was.

Deep down, I feel everyone from my former life, or knew me at some stage deserve the opportunity to remain as my friend. Those people deserve to know the truth. I know many other people would sooner start over but I have known some awesome people in my life-time and I’d like to give them the opportunity to choose whether or not they wanna remain friends with me…. Besides, isn’t it hard to ignore people, when you live in the same city as them, share the same facilities etc?

Well….. We stopped, had a long chat about life and generally catch up. He told me about his family and he got married a couple years back, tried to contact me to invite me to his wedding but I wasn’t answering my phone etc… I told him that I’m sorry, that I missed the whole ceremony as I was away in Japan for a while, then he asked

“What I’m doing with myself?”
“Have you actually settled down?”

I explained that I’m going through a personal change, after discovering I had some health issues complications with my internals, which is kinda complicated, definitely not expected and that I havent’ settled down yet… He was cool about the whole thing, asked

“How you feeling about it?”

I explained I can’t have a family without resorting to adoption. And that I’m struggling to get my health in-order, or back to how normality. Or how it should be…  That I’m learning a shit load of things, things other women probably take for granted…

All this time, he was being really nice and giving me compliments on how life is sometimes a bitch etc. Then he informs me he regrets getting married at 22.

…To cut a long story short, we exchange contact details and he invited me around for dinner… best of all, he’s living closer to me now than he used to.

Yay I can’t wait to meet his wife and see their off-springs.

… we’re standing there chatting some random walks past and mutters –

dunno how you can wear tight ass skinny jeans….

Err… No. Since you’ve asked, they don’t.

Uber skinny jeans doesn’t affect my sex-life what-so-ever cause I don’t have the tools other ‘men’ usually have. As beautiful mother-nature decided long ago that I didn’t need them; or that I should have been born a female. Just as well cause I don’t feel like a guy.

I don’t get why some people persistently have the need to comment on what someone else is wearing. Seriously, does this inflate your ego in the same way as sending someone a photo of your cock?

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