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I suppose you could call me a fitness fanatic, though I’m not a preacher nor am I an addict. Over the years, I’ve learnt to take care of my body and health, without them I wouldn’t be me. Several times a week, I’ll goto the gym for some form of workout, occasionally I’ll get invited to trying something new such as ‘pole dancing’ or ‘yoga’ both of which I’m crap! 😆 Never have I thought about doing pole-dancing for fitness, turns out it takes a lot more upper-body strength than I currently have.

Personally, I prefer bodyweight workouts which help improve my overall balance, flexibility and straighten all without depending on equipment. Occasionally I’ll hit the weight room and a bit of long distance rowing or a spinning class or two. However, I tend not to do any running in there. Sure, they have excellent computerized treadmills with all the bells and whistles you can’t possibly imagine but I they’re usually placed in front of TV’s and the channel I wanna watch or takes my interests seems to be in every other direction, except directly in front of me.. and I’ll end up trying to run towards it.

Twice to three times each week, I try to make time to go running though they usually take place in the dead of night when the environment is much quieter. I get time to meditate, gather my thoughts, un-stress without the heavy traffic. Taking in the lovely cool clean air with music in my ears to help me pace. From experience and other fellow runners, I learnt to against oncoming traffic this way I know what’s happening ahead but sometimes I choose to run on the other side of the road due to wind direction or a change of scenery… Tonight was one of them nights. Only I went out much earlier than normal… Big mistake!!

Every once in a while I always get some wise ass who think it’s acceptable to follow a running in their car. Now I don’t have any issues with this so long it’s a friend but on this occasion that isn’t the case. By the time I noticed someone following me, I’m, already several miles from home and those lingering headlights didn’t seem to want to past, just shimmered beside me. Which was weird cause where I run, it’s a dual carriage way with fairly speedy traffic. Eventually the driver pulled up yards in front of me, unwind his window. I immediately stopped in my tracks, pulled my headphones off…

Hey miss…
Where you going?
Get in… I’ll give you a ride!

Admittedly, I was startled.
I froze for a bit. Then I came to my senses and thought, What’s this guy doing?
I don’t expect random people to be pulling over in the middle of the night, picking up random strangers. It’s not like he was a cabbie…

At this point I didn’t hesitate. I quickly glanced for stray traffic and made my way directly towards the central reservation — My intention is to get away!! As I scarpered off, I couldn’t help but think ‘I don’t want to be adopted.’ Not like this!! I ran towards the nearest twenty-four hour supermarket, hoping there’s an abundance of people there and lots of CCTV.

My forty minute run lasted more than an hour! I felt so relieved to be home and safe!

I don’t know what’s wrong with people those days. This is fucked up! Shit like this shouldn’t be happening to me, or anyone!!

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