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A while ago I decided I wanted to return to my blonde self. Unexpectedly I never thought that getting what I wanted would be so gawd damn difficult. None of the other professional salons within the city of Manchester was willing to take up this challenge, I’ve given all the brand salons their opportunity but they’ve all cowardly ran away with their tail between their legs. I guess they’re not quite ready to take on the Asian market or perhaps they’re too worried about getting sued by their clients for screwing up their hair with their inexperience? Yea I know which it is… I’ve heard all their lame excuses! Enough with the incompetence…. 😆

Due to stupid health and safety laws, the hair and beauty industry here in the UK have decided that they shouldn’t use strong peroxides on the scalp. Apparently this is better for the hair’s health. I personally disagree …but my opinion would probably not wash cause I’m not a qualified hairdresser but I do know my own hair better than anyone else!!

I have found a professional team that’s a cut above the rest, who are more than willing to take on the challenge and help me achieve the goals I want. Call this post an endorsement if you like.. I’m certainly happy with their work, though I believe this is just another excuse cause your all too fucking worried that someone will sue you, too bad. You’ve lost an potential client!! 😏


On Monday 17th October Judgement day has come. It’s technically a day of pampering! I’m supposedly going blonde but I’m aware it’s not going to happen in a single visit. I am however rather curious how I’d look later… or will all my hair wash away? lol jk. Even though I’m ever so slightly nervous, I do feeling calm and rather excited because I believe I’m in safe hands. I’m not expecting to a blonde at the end of the day, maybe it’ll be slight brassy? I don’t know.. I’m tapping this out as my hair is processing.

Luckily the ladies at Wella Studio were pretty accommodating with the disturbance. My session ended up starting around 2pm, expecting to be finished around 4:30~5pm. Didn’t actually finished till 5:30pm.

msnikita_0089cUnder the guidance of experienced Wella technicians, the advance colorists were asked thought probing questions throughout the day such as “How you’ll gonna tackle the clients hair?”, “What strength peroxide do you think, you should use?”, “What technique should will you be using?” then they awaited feedback before they’re allowed to commence. They were advised to will be bleaching my hair in several stages using a fairly weak cream peroxide and cream bleach. Their main objective was to lighten the hair as much as possible whilst creating an even lift. Primarily because not all of my hair is virgin hair, parts of my hair may consist of colorant residue which can affect the final result. At this point only the Wella technicians knew how my hair would lift, though the overall share was a little hit and miss.

msnikita_0088cand nobody really knows how it’ll lift. Starting the application at the ends with 6% cream peroxide and cream bleach,  then the mid-section and eventually the roots. Throughout the process they’re keeping the product moist with a steamer; five -ten minute sessions and the scalp steaming for twenty minutes.

At this point I’m really surprised by the amount it lift the peroxide is able to achieve.

The two ladies who were having me as their model are wonderful, both came across friendly, confident with seven years of experience. Steph tells me it’s not possible to have too much knowledge or experience. Watching them go about doing their jobs, both had their own techniques; apparently this is down to their former training. They certainly worked well together as a team. I’m feeling happy and confident sitting here pretty relaxed and blogging my experience.

Having a steamer over my head whilst it’s developing actually takes away the tingling. I feel really comfortable.. it’s almost like having my head steam washed.. 😂😂😂msnikita_0114

Wella Technical Staff : Daisy & Emma
Advanced Colour Students :  Kirsten (Stockport) & Steph (Runcorn)

Several days later, I am really annoyed with the way British hairdressers choose to lighten our hair. They say that using a weaker peroxide for several hours would do less damage to the hair than using a stronger peroxide for a short period.

My salon bleached my long hair in sections, starting at the end, then the mid-areas and finally the root… Now this mean the bleach stays on the end for three times as long as anywhere else. The resulting color is pretty good but it’s not what I wanted, the toners they used to remove it’s warm golden tones left my hair more silvery grey than light ash. Not to worry cause the toner will eventually fade. Guess that’s the good point.

The lightening process is not complete but I don’t think the ends of my hair will take another application cause the long bleaching process have stripped my hair, some of the ends have gone as beyond healthy. It’s become dry and brittle, almost gum like… I need a trim. That’s what it’s telling me.

There an second appointment next week, giving my hair the opportunity to rest a little. All I know is this is going to be done by a professional that’s ready for their ‘advance’ hair coloring.. Unfortunately due to the way Wella Studio works, my appointment was cancelled at the last moment as their students were unable to make the trip for the session. Not to fear! I understand in life you can’t get everything and whenever happens, one needs to learn to be creative. A followup appointment has been re-booked for the next of November but I might have to change that appointment from going blonder to root lightening… Well see.


Instead of waiting for the follow-up appointment, I decided to took matters into my own hands and attempt to lighten the hair further using of the shelf box colorants. I went with two packets of L’Oreal Préférence Infinia as these were the most suited for the current shade I’m currently at.

For the length of hair I have, I initially thought one packet was enough. Turned out i needed a little more. So instead of using the full product of the second, I measured out the contents with a small measuring jug and split them into two, thus allowing me to save half. After applying the product, allowing it to develop waiting for the 25 minutes it required, rinse and conditioned. My hair is much less yellow, o it’s slightly lighter. The final results are satisfactory. I’m happy.


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