In Transition

Umm…  Not sure where to begin here…
I’d really like to know what’s happening cause something strange has been happening to me.

For the last few weeks I’ve notice a little change in my perception of ‘men’.. I’m not sure are those hormones causing my sexual alignment to change or I’m going through a phase. Either way, I’ve been looking at some guys differently, and others I completely detest, find them vulgar, meanwhile others are sexy as hell!!

I hope those changes aren’t permanent, I rather love my current self. Besides I’m in a wonderful relationship with one of the bestest person I’ve known; our personality just fits like a glove.

Please let it be a phase… 

Also had my blood-work back….

Serum estradiol level: 3833 pmol/L  <—- is that just under 400?
Serum progesterone: 1.4 mmo/L

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