Cancelled again!!


[Update] Today, I was meant to be having my final advance voice coaching session however this session was suddenly cancelled. As was my previous sessions…

Previously I heard our beloved voice coach Matthew Mills at the London Charring Cross GIC had suffered a stroke earlier in the year, subsequently had to cancelled everyone’s sessions due to illness. In recent weeks we spoke briefly; he sounded healthy and well, and he’s finally back at work! I did express that he should take it easy and avoid stresses cause life is very precious! 

However yesterday I was informed that he (Matthew) won’t be in today (Thursday 14 April) and our session will be postponed once again — Currently information is a little vague, I’m not entirely sure are those instances related.. I do, sincerely hope he’s doing well and he’s only away on business rather than a relapse. 

Love, MsNikita