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Excuse me but some people are douchebags, <<insert degrading profanity>>

Writing this post is difficult. I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot.. lol
But sometimes, something needs to be said… and I don’t normally discuss people.

— If you are a US or European based photographer.
Please ignore this post. I’ll hope to work with you sometime in the future

Even though I’m in a strange predicament at the moment. I’m generally a nice person and I get along with pretty much anyone! But occasionally when people waste my time, I’ll get cheesed with them; especially when you get my hope up and I think something good will come out of this situation. I know this seems kinda unprofessional on myself and their part but this sort of shit shouldn’t happen.

In recent months, I am learning a lot about so-called “professional photographers”, particularly true if they are a male photographer. Those are the ones often found flaunting their wares and services on Facebook and other social media, constantly searching for new talent to shoot! And if you are a pretty looking female, they will undoubtedly add you/follow you without a thought!

However, if you are like me, in one of the other transgender/transsexual groups; they will eventually unfriend you for no other reason other than being trans — Those are the people I call a sexist asshole!

It often leaves me wondering are they insecure about their own gender or sexuality or both?? A number of thoughts have crossed my mind. To save me time on thinking about it, I have decided to vent by writing this post to reflect… Then point people with my post.

Over the last few months I have been in contact with a few photographers, sourced from Facebook, FetLife, Twitter and the likes. They are all UK based. At first they come across as pretty professional, linking me to their online portfolios and showing interests but once they know that I’m a pre-op trans, they appear to back off. Occasionally giving me excuses… Why can’t you spit it out? Not hard!! (for some reason I hear Sid Vicious saying this.. lol)

While others are level with me. Inform me they’re not comfortable working with pre-op transgenders — I’m good with that. At least you are being honest. I don’t want to force you into doing something your not comfortable with. Well-done you!! ♥

Weirdly, all the american photographers I’ve been in touch with and have since become friends. They all appear to be happy to shoot with trans people, unfortunately due tothe distance I’m unable to fulfil the agreement at this current time but I hope that someday I’ll move state side. And I will be in touch…  cause I’d love to work with you to some extent…

Sooo back to the blog….

Since early August 2014, I have been looking for a local photographer who is proficient with a camera, has access to a studio space, doesn’t mind without with an inexperience model and can offer me Time to Print (TFP) photography session(s) – This is important cause I’m not ready for commercial work. This is a personal project.

My goal is to build a personal portfolio, keeping a photographic log of images as to how my body changes as I diet, train and transition. I’m happy to try a variety of genre’s but ideally I’m looking for full body, nude shots. Nothing too extravagant, is it?

I know some of you are looking for a bit of pussy to shoot. I don’t want to disappoint, all I have is a little wiener and boobs. I am British Chinese transgender girl — We are a rare bread.

Anyway… If you by chance come across this blog and are local to me (Central Manchester, UK) who is interested in taking on this no pay TFP project, please email me using our form, include a link to your portfolio so I can see your work.

Alternatively, leave a comment with a link to your portfolio link or contact me directly on social media:


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