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For the last two years I’ve been a fairly regular visitor to our great capital.. I would like to think I have a reasonably good sense of direction, though when stations are closed and diversions are required, I’ll get a little lost… Wouldn’t you? And that’s precisely what happened… I ended up taking the wrong train partway, in the completely wrong direction. A trip which would normally take about 30 minutes took me closer to an hour.. lol  Aaah!!! Balls. I’ll be honest here, the New York Metros is still much easier!

Yesterday I had my third and final assessment, this time with the lovely consultant psychiatrist Dr Stuart Lorimer.

Weeks leading up to my appointment I did was some background research, just so I knew more about the gentleman I’m about to spill my childhood turmoil too. What I found was a podcast of a young professor who spent thirty minutes explaining his educational background and why he chose this area of specialism. The pod-cast is fairly old but the content should still be accurate (hopes). For me, it’s reassuring to know whom I’m dealing with here…

Here’s a pod-cast I found from Mar 29th, 2009, hosted by Just Plan Sense

My session went quite smoothly, there’s wasn’t any need to re-iterate anything from previous sessions or repeat my rocky childhood again. He did asked how I was doing, asked about my family life, their acceptance of me then made inquires, to make sure everyone in my family understands and accept my choice to transition…  It did make me think why they’re asked me this for the third time. I wondered was my past responses ignored or did they simply not believe me? I don’t know.

I have now discovered, they weren’t absolute sure of my decision to transition, as at that time I wasn’t quiet full time. They also explained it’s quite usual for intersex people to spend a little while hovering between genders roles. Umm.. Right.

This really isn’t fair in my opinion especially since I’ve been waiting over two years for this decision. I guess they really wanted to make sure my choice is right? Well I can tell you from my disposition that I don’t feel masculine.. My body doens’t seem to function the same, especially when I’m working out, trying to gain any form of muscles mass is a rarity.. It’s quicker to draw then on using makeup 😉 lol

After a little while of chatting covering what operations I’m entitled to under the NHS, we covered everything from breast augmentation to chondrolaryngoplasty (tracheal shave) and then some… He finally approved my year-old request for hormone treatment at 6mg/day and no testosterone blockers – Not required because I am pretty much complete androgen insensitive.

The only obstruction in the way was another blood test. My last local blood test may have had a labatory error as it suggest my hormone levels were closer to 4000 than 400 – This is like ten times higher than anything I had on record previously.

Dr Lorimer did ask me the amount I’m currently on and was I still self-medicating? And at what dosage. I informed him that I’m currently on 4mg, though my prescription is only for 2mg/per day. Stuart asked why I increased the dosage? I went on to explain 2mg isn’t enough to suppress my hot flashes and cold sweats.. However increasing the dosage, help much more yet still didn’t stop all the symptoms. 🙁

I like to reiterate – that I have been perfectly honest with my GIC from the very start. They knew I was self-medicating but this because I’m AIS with a chance of osteoporosis beign greater than normal, or later discovered, it’s more osteopenia. Unfortunately the licensing for estrogen in the UK is for females only (so I’m told), until it’s approved by a Psychiatrist. However back in December 2013, I was put on HRT by a hospital doctor as my body temps were all over the place which didn’t help my recovery, whilst I was admitted into hospital for something more sinister.

Before this day was over, I met with the delightful Ms. Ella Kros

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