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Thought I’d give you an update… It’s now been approximately five months since I made the logical decision to quit smoking and so far, I’m feeling better for it. Making the transition from cigarettes to vape was as easy as opening the front door and taking out the trash. Though, there has been the odd occasion where I felt the need for a smoke, and I’ve actual tried it once, it wasn’t a great experience, not as I initially thought. So as a result I’ve pretty much given up on that idea cause the aftertaste was foul, much like chewing on a mouth full of wet mud after slipping into a ditch whilst out running. Yep, pretty gross.

I guess somewhere between ceasing to smoke tobacco and now, my body has regenerated my taste buds. This is the only explanation I can possible come up with which can explain why coffin nails taste so nasty.

When I started vaping, I was originally used eJulices with 18mg or 1.8% nicotine. Over the last few months I’ve gradually dropped my intake to 6mg or 0.6% without any weird cravings.

I know many of my friends who are vaping sooner I continue to vape and explore more flavours but I wish to put my health first! I have therefore made the decision to quit vaping completely once I’m comfortable using 0% vape juice.


Cause it seems like a complete waste of money to buy 0% nicotine eJuice/eLiquid at the same price as those eJuices containing alkaloids. Although nothing is set in stone, I do intend on quitting vaping come June. However, I may still take apart the occasional device now and then…

I have previously read news and posts from people who said vaping hasn’t helped them towards quitting smoking. Now, I believe, you need to have a desire to quit, in-order to quit. Switching to vape isn’t a magic remedy, it’s meant to be a healthier option that could potentially lead you into a drug-free life.

However the bottom line is this. Ultimately it’s your choice. If you can’t quit, it’s probably because you are not ready or committed enough. It’s pretty much like chasing your dreams…

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