[In-progress] Ego One Disassembled


You’ve spent precious minutes watching other people’s video reviews, discussed it in the forums, seen it in action and compared it to a mech mods. Then you’ve fought through the vapours, surfed to the nearest backstreet online dealer and purchased one… But now MsNikita takes it one step further. We peel of the brush steel jacket and peak into it’s secrets…

Coming soon…
JoyeTech’s Ego One Disassembled and examined. Stay Tuned.

Please see here for details 
  • Well, personally I haven’t done and wondered about the things Ms. Nikita addressed above. But then again, I am more like a penetrator than a pentratee 🙂 Also I don’t see ‘joy’ in vaporing from one’s body holes, but I could be wrong or missing the point here. After all, slightly I’m becoming an old fart, born in the 60’s of the past century.

    What I do like though, and also admire, is that a Girlie-Girl like Ms. Nikita completely dives into it, like a true and also kinda nerdy reversed-engineer, and get to the technical bottom of it. Remarkable, really, and you/she makes me wonder and follow her about today’s and tomorrow’s gadgets.