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I initially launched this site on April 5th 2014 (this page published on April 24th). I wanted somewhere to log my transitional experiences and share them with whomever is interested. Perhaps this might give you an insight into all the unknown challenges and struggles which may lay ahead, should you wish to transition.

Way back when I started my journey, I kept everything a secret. Spending large portions of my days hanging out in various forums under a range of aliases reading posts and replying to them. A large part those forums allowed people to talk freely, seeking advice from others with more experience. However, like all communities they have rules and regulations on what can be discussed or posted — this bothered me.

Later I discovered some chose to make uses of online video media as a way to record and share their experiences, offer up personal guidance, tips, how to handle awkward situations and gain feed back from their viewing audience. Unfortunately some also receive their fair share of hate mail, hurtful comments from shallow, often closed

minded individuals, as a result few people actually kept a personal journal or blog on their progress. As many progressed, some or most chose to delete their old posts, their old videos etc. In fact, most wanted nothing more than to erase their past, as if, it never existed! Then start over. But we’re not born running. We need to learn to crawl, take baby steps and learn to walk… We’re not born as adults.

I however didn’t really start a new life or a new start, I felt this is how my life was meant to be. This change is merely an extension of my very existence, a change of direction and later, maybe some ‘enhancements’ thrown in. This is where Ms.Nikita™ & Ms.Nikita.xxx™ was born.

Everything posted here will be my very own first hand account and personal experiences, dealing with acceptance from my Hong Kong Chinese family, my international friends and everyone else who are in contact with me, minus their identity with exceptions of health professionals. Whilst the contents of this site will progress forwards with a bi-weekly/monthly updates and an occasional overview of whatever sessions of treatment I’ll receive from London’s Charing Cross Gender Clinic (GIC) in Hammersmith; I will also attempt to back-track to when everything first started.

Currently, I’m not sure how many other individuals have done this but I’ve logged all my documentation and appointments from the beginning – backtracking those events will take time, please bear with me. 🙂

Once I’m somewhat content with life, I’ll add details about my career aspirations, aims, hopes and dreams (not necessary in this order) and I’ll ramble about how society treats me, are they accepting or not? Also there will be some other content… Stay tuned.

Story so far

Voice Feminization Therapy Sessions:

Hear me, as I learn with Matthew Mills. One of the Speech and Language Therapist at the Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic (GIC)

Voice Therapy 1
Voice Therapy 2
Voice Therapy 3
Voice Therapy 4
Voice Therapy 5
Voice Therapy 6

Group Voice Group

A continued summery of our group voice sessions.

Group Therapy 1
Group Therapy 2
Group Therapy 3
Group Therapy 5
Group Therapy 6

My Specialists:

Listed below are all the wonderful people I entrusted to get me, where I am today. I thought I’d share those contacts with you, as they might be of help to you. In my own first hand opinion, they’re all excellent people, very friendly and approachable; extremely professional at their jobs… Tell them I sent you 😉

Matthew Mills

Lead Specialist Speech and Language Therapist at the Gender Identity Clinic, London
Matthew Mills BA (Hons) MSc AGSM LTCL Mus Ed cert. MRCSLT Reg.HCPC

Matthew is Lead Specialist Speech and Language Therapist (Transgender Voice and Communication) at the Gender Identity Clinic, London where he has worked since 2009. He is also a voice coach and musician and teaches actors at voice coaches at Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, London. He teaches speech and language therapy students at the University of Greenwich. He originally trained as an actor and singer at Guildhall School of Music & Drama and worked in theatre film and television for 15 years.

: Huffington Post

Dr Stuart Lorimer

Dr Lorimer is a Consultant Psychiatrist and specialist gender clinician, who works both in the NHS and privately.
MBChB, MRCPsych, Consultant Psychiatrist. GMC no. 4037600

He graduated from University of Aberdeen Medical School in 1993 (MBChB; Distinction, Psychiatry) and completed his postgraduate Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych) in Edinburgh, in 1998. He obtained his Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (CCST) in both General Adult and Liaison Psychiatry in London, in 2005.

He is a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), and is listed by the Gender Recognition Panel as a specialist approved to provide Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) reports.

: GenderCare UK, Huffington Post

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